Sad Day, Bad Omen - Gun-Grabbers Will Chirp

Seems like the best day possible for clarity on arms in America. Skip over the matters of protection and hunting. Those things are obviously protected in the 1791 establishment of the 2nd of the Ten Amendments to The US Constitution known as The Bill Of Rights. But the primary and urgent purpose of The 2nd Amendment is to protect the citizenry from potential government tyranny.

This is the point at which the gun control advocate becomes incredulous about the defender's sincerity and/or sanity. "Are you seriously worried that our democratically elected government will become tyrannical?" I always recall the Senate discussion during the confirmation of George W. Bush's first Attorney General, John Ashcroft. The so-called "liberal lion of The Senate," Ted Kennedy, asked Ashcroft the purpose of The 2nd Amendment.

An informed and honest attorney, Ashcroft answered that was to defend against government tyranny. And Kennedy roared, "TYRANNY?! OUR GOVERNMENT?!..." Ashcroft should have saved the detailed response and answer shortly: "It isn't about which government or which people. It's about human nature. Power held will be power exploited, sooner or later. And if only the powerful control arms, it will be sooner than later."

It doesn't begin with military invasion and control of your state or town. It begins with legal and regulatory control over tour lives. Obamacare was passed despite popular majority opposition. Had the public been unarmed, it and probably single payer would have happened 30, maybe 75 years sooner, under Jimmy Carter or Franklin Roosevelt. Other Democrats Clinton and Truman tried and failed because Congresspeople's constituents would have eaten their lunch.

Obama and a Democrat Congress weaseled Obamacare through with lies and procedural mischief. And STILL, nearly 1000 Democratic seats were lost nationwide in the proceeding six years. Republicans now control a historic majority of legislature and governor seats. Federally Republicans took the House, then the Senate, then the presidency while promising to repeal it. Then with control of all 3, they declined to, stamping in bold print, their incompetence of courage and argument.

But an unarmed public would be told on many and increasing matters, "We know you might not like this, but it's good for you, so trust us we know better (and shut up)."


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