San Antonio a 'Paradise' for LGBTQ

San Antonio is fast becoming one of the premier LGBTQ cities in Texas.  No, not yet on the same scale as San Francisco or New Orleans, but moving fast towards this distinction. San Antonio’s 14th annual Gay Pride festival and parade was held at Crockett Park on July 1st
Julian Castro was the first San Antonio mayor to serve as Grand Marshal of this so-called Gay Pride Parade and newly elected mayor Ron Nirenberg is the second.   Nirenberg was not alone as he was in ‘good’ company with Tran’s youths Joe Maldonado an 8 year old from Secaucus, New Jersey and 18 year old Mack Beggs from Euless, Texas who were named Trans Youth Grand Marshals.  You might recall that Maldonado was the reason for change in allowing transgender children to become Boy Scouts of America.  Beggs is the transgender athlete taking testosterone that gained publicity for being undefeated wrestling against girls.
Amazingly Nirenberg shared the ‘stage’ with so many others including a Celebrity transgender ‘woman’, Scarlet Peppermint.  Nirenberg was the ‘token’ straight!
The admission to the Festival at Crockett Park was $10.00.  This alone should be a deterrent to attending this totally crude and ridiculous display of human beings.  The woman next to me waiting in line to get in was paying for 4 teens bringing her tab to $50.00.  She did say this was the ‘first’ time for her to attend the festival.   “Mine too,” I replied.
There were many ‘interesting’ booths, but only a few caught my eye.  The SAGA, San Antonio Gender Association was soliciting for members.  Basically all booths were vying for members; they all want the LGBTQ community to embrace and pay for their product: join the Libertarian Party, ask about the services USAA has to offer, etc.  It was one great pimping orgy.  Pimping is a commercial endeavor of the act of prostitution. Prostitution is the act of offering oneself for hire to engage in sexual relations. 
My investigative tour led me to the one booth that offered help to the LGBT community.  It was the San Antonio Aids Foundation, SAAF, booth, manned by a personable young lady wearing huge PRIDE sunglasses, giving out literature and a bag of ‘goodies’.   Ironic as this is, since Bexar County has a high rate of sexually transmitted diseases which include HIV, the bag contained ‘creams’ for sex acts and yes condoms with enticing flavors. Of course, it contained information where to get tested for HIV and other STD’s.   The LGBTQ community and the elected officials in San Antonio are silent on the HIV crisis as is the San Antonio Express News. 
Ignorance is the most obvious reason for such high numbers in disease but promoting the LGBTQ agenda isn’t far behind.  Bexar County reported 364 HIV cases in 2013, 319 in 2014 and 363 in 2015.  The numbers for 2016 and 2017 are not yet available.  Here is a Texas look at those living with HIV/AIDS.  This graphic was updated in 2011.  I would say promiscuity is out of control along with our corrupt moral society.  When will our state and local elected officials and pastors shine light into this darkness?
Lifetime Risk of HIV, by State
Overall, an American has a 1 in 99 chance of being diagnosed with HIV at some point in his or her life. But that lifetime risk is greater for people living in the South than in other regions of the country. The lifetime risk of HIV diagnosis is highest in the District of Columbia, followed by Maryland, Georgia, Florida, Louisiana, New York, Texas, New Jersey, Mississippi, South Carolina, North Carolina, Delaware, and Alabama.  If you live in Texas your Lifetime Risk of HIV Diagnosis is 1 out of 81 persons.  These are statistics from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, CDC.
Since this is only the second Gay Pride Parade that I have witnessed in my lifetime, one by chance, I will say that the SA Gay Pride Parade was totally tame compared to the New Orleans Gay Pride Parade of years ago. But wait, SA’s Gay Pride Parade is still in its infancy. 
The parade was held at 9pm on Main Street shrouded in darkness.  It was extremely difficult to see who was marching in the parade because there were very little lights.  SA’s illustrious Sheriff marched alongside his deputies and after the Stonewall Democrats group.   State senator Jose Menendez(D) from District 26 rode in an open convertible for all to witness. USAA was the largest gathering of marchers along with their USAA band.   This was the saddest and most disappointing moment in the parade...the leading San Antonio employer tempting others to depravity.  
The ‘new’ mayor as far as I could see did not ride in the parade but was represented by a banner held by three women and a woman behind with a small child riding on a cart.  The banner read “We deserve a city that treats everyone fairly, whether you’re transgender, bisexual, lesbian, gay or straight.”  Now, if only the city council would listen to the Christians and let the unborn live, that would be a real accomplishment!
The parade did not last more than 30 minutes and the darkness of the night absorbed their PRIDE!   What a way to end a Gay Pride parade with a little girl waving the gay flag. Is this the future of San Antonio?  Heaven help us if all the children I saw become ‘gay’....who will be accountable? 
Doing research I found that San Antonio is one of the 6 ‘best’ cities to reside in if you are an LGBTQ family.  The other cities are:  Dallas, Houston, Austin, San Marcos and Marfa.  It wasn’t long ago that the city of St Anthony was proud to call itself a Christian city, a place to rear a conservative family, especially since the Catholic Archdiocese is headquartered in the historic city.  But the silence of the Church, its residents and pastors has allowed the city to be hijacked by the homosexual movement.
Tolerance is not a virtue.  In fact, we are drowning in tolerance.  Tolerance has blurred the line between good and evil.  We have forsaken God in the name of tolerance.  When will Christians draw the line?   When will Christians wake up and take a stand?  

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