Sen. Cruz Announces Support for Hurricane Harvey Relief Package


I announced that I intend to vote ‘yes’ on the Hurricane Harvey relief package today.

I am very pleased that we were able to get strong bipartisan support for major federal relief for the millions of Texans hurting from Hurricane Harvey

Working closely with Senator John Cornyn and the entire Texas delegation, we were able to add another $7.4 billion in relief, increasing the total funds potentially available to Texas to $15.25 billion.

These funds are immediate, properly targeted to the areas hit by the storm, and focused on clean-up and rebuilding. This will not be nearly enough to cover all the costs—most estimates of total damage are well in excess of $100 billion—but it is a significant first step. And Congress is committed to meeting the additional need as it is accurately quantified in the months ahead.

It is unfortunate that congressional leadership and the Administration chose to tie Harvey relief to short-term extensions to the CR and the debt ceiling. Historically, the CR and debt ceiling have proven to be the only effective leverage for meaningful spending reform, and I believe we should continue to use them as tools to reduce our long-term debt. I would have much preferred a clean Harvey relief bill—which would have passed both Houses nearly unanimously.


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