Sen. Cruz Issues Statement Marking One Year Since the Midland-Odessa Shooting

Today I issued a statement marking one year since the shooting in Midland-Odessa that killed eight people, including the shooter, and injured 25 others:

On August 31st last year, a deranged man committed an act of unspeakable evil that shook West Texas and left the nation weeping for the third time that month, after the shootings in El Paso and Dayton, Ohio. Eight people lost their lives that day, among them Rudy Arco, whose family escaped from communist Cuba to seek freedom in the United States; Mary Granados, a 29-year-old mail carrier whose vehicle was hijacked by the shooter; and Raul Garcia, a father of four who was on his way home to be with his children when he was killed. In addition to the lives that were lost, 25 other people were injured, including 17-month-old Anderson Davis, whose mother had to use diapers to stop the bleeding on her daughter's face after it was hit with shrapnel from the shooter's bullet. Texas reeled from its second mass shooting in just 28 days.

In the days that followed, I met with victims and their families, and with first responders and medical professionals; I sat down with Midland-Odessa law enforcement to see what warning signs we had that this unstable criminal was mentally ill and posed a danger to himself and others, as well as what we could have done better to stop this person from getting a gun in the first place. We've seen too damn many of these mass shootings, and I remain committed to preventing them from happening in the future by stopping criminals and those with serious mental illness from buying guns or hurting others.

A year later, Heidi and I continue to lift up in prayer all of the victims, their families, and the entire Midland-Odessa community. We especially remember the families and loved ones of those who died that day, and we pray that they feel God's loving embrace. We are thankful for the law enforcement officers who heroically risked their lives and acted swiftly to stop the shooter and save others. Three of those law enforcement officers were injured that day as they were working to help others. Their courage helped prevent even more senseless deaths, and we honor their tireless commitment to protecting us all.

The entire state of Texas and the entire country stands united with Midland-Odessa as we remember what happened one year ago. We stand united against all forms of hatred and violence. We will get through this, and will come through this together.


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