Senator Cruz Calls On President Biden To Address Baby Formula Shortage

I have written a letter to President Joe Biden calling on his administration to address the baby formula shortage that is hurting Texas and other states around the country.

Texas is currently being hit third hardest of any state by the baby formula shortage, with 52 percent of baby formula out of stock. Nationwide, 43 percent of formula is out of stock.

Given the important role that formula plays in the health and nutrition of our nation’s youngest and most vulnerable citizens, I would ask you to direct the Food and Drug Administration to take swift action to examine how producers of formula can safely reopen and expand their manufacturing facilities to ensure America is able to produce an abundant supply of formula. Your administration needs to act quickly to protect our nation’s children and help the thousands of American families who are struggling to access a basic need for their children.

Texas families are struggling because of our massive baby formula shortage. This is unacceptable, and I’m calling on President Biden and his Food and Drug Administration to do whatever it takes to address this crisis for Texans – immediately and with real urgency.

Read the letter here.


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