Sharing With Veterans

Last Week, I hosted the Annual Coastal Bend Veterans Summit in Corpus Christi. I appreciated the opportunity to discuss veteran’s issues with a group a veterans that spanned 7 decades of service. It continues to be clear to me that the VA is not the resource it should be for our veterans. I heard too many stories about delays in treatment and benefits decisions that are unacceptable treatment of our nation’s warriors. I will continue to work to make the VA more accountable and transparent to veterans, and hope all our veterans will get the services promised to them quickly.

The Veterans Summit also introduced veterans to a variety of groups that seek help them. Exhibitors, like the Texas Workforce Commission, local universities, and service organizations were able to show veterans many of the different possibilities open to them. It was amazing to see so many local veterans advocates sharing opportunities for our veterans. From young Iraq veterans to WWII veterans, I think that everyone found some benefit.

After hearing from several veterans’ concerns about the problems they were having with TRICARE benefits I went to work immediately in D.C. to work on fixing it. Too many of our veterans are forced to face the added expense of insuring their children after the age of 21 while private sector parents can cover their children until they are 26. On Wednesday, I cosponsored H.R. 3974, a bill to amend the TRICARE Program for children of members and former members of the uniformed services. This bill will increase the maximum age of a child on TRICARE from 21 to 26.

It is time to end financial burdens on our veterans that bravely served our country, and the Veterans Summit was crucial in finding the problems. I believe in what 1st Lt. Duncan Hunter said during his keynote of the Veterans Summit, “in defense of our country there are no Republicans and Democrats, only Americans.”

If you did not make it to the Coastal Bend Veterans Summit, I encourage you to watch coverage from our local news:

- KVCT-TV (Fox 19) Victoria can be viewed here.
- KORO-TV (Univision 28) Corpus Christi can be viewed here.
- KRIS 6 News (NBC) Corpus Christi can be viewed here.
- KAVU (ABC 25) Victoria Can be viewed here.


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