Single Mother Kim Klacik Supports Texas Equal Parenting Bill to Help Kids and Moms

On April 19, 2023, Kimberly Klacik walked the halls of the Texas State Capitol. Much like her famous congressional campaign commercial where she walked the streets of Baltimore to take a stand against crime and societal ills, Kim came to walk the halls of the Texas Legislature to take a stand to help kids and society fight for equal parenting. Kim has seen how unequal parenting and fatherlessness has so drastically harmed kids and society in Baltimore. She knows that the majority of teen crime, school dropouts, teen pregnancy, teen suicide, and teen drug use, all come from unequal parenting homes and specifically homes where the child does not have both an equally involved father and mother.

When Kim heard about Texas Equal Parenting bill HB 3379 and how it has 27 bipartisan co-authors, she wanted to come to Texas to help shine a light on the need for equal parenting, and to advocate in favor of the bill.

Just like in Baltimore, Kimberly made waves in Texas too. As a black single mother advocating for equal parenting, she completely undercut the arguments of those few lobbyists who oppose equal parenting. The majority of men AND women in Texas and In America support equal parenting. The opposition of equal parenting are the Texas family law foundation lobbyists who oppose equal parenting because it will reduce conflict in court child custody battles, which leads to less money for attorneys. This has been proven in other states like Arkansas and Kentucky where court conflict has decreased following the passage of equal parenting bills. These lobbyists like to use a ridiculous argument of equal parenting only being supported by men who want to oppose women. That is why it was such a big deal to have Kim, a single mother, and the several other women, come walk the halls of the Texas Capitol last week in favor of equal parenting. Kim showed that the lobbyists are wrong. The majority of woman in fact do support equal parenting and they want their voice to be heard in support of equal parenting.

As a single mother, she knows first hand how vital the involvement of a father is for the lives of children, and how important equal parenting is for bringing equality to woman and helping single mothers.

Don’t take our word for it though, watch the following short video interview and hear from Kim Klacik herself:

In the video, David Bellow interviews Kimberly Klacik, a single mother who came to Texas (from Baltimore, Maryland) to support the Texas Equal Parenting bills HB 3379 and SB 1702. Kimberly talks about how these bills will greatly help society because everyone benefits when kids have equal access to both fit and loving parents after the parents break up. Specifically, equal parenting will combat fatherlessness, help kids who are greatly harmed by unequal parenting, and help single mothers.

While at the Texas Capitol, Kim Klacik met with, or got to express thanks to, many State Representatives and State Senators who support equal parenting laws, including Senator Bryan Hughes, Representative David Cook, Representative Caroline Harris, Senator Angela Paxton, and Senator Mayes Middleton.

Harold Dutton, the Chairman of the Texas Juvenile Justice and Family Issues Committee, will decide if he will listen to the people of Texas and the 27 co-authors by allowing the bill to get a hearing and a vote, or he will decide if he wants to ignore the people and kill the bill that could help millions of lives in Texas. This issue deserves a hearing and a vote.

What is Equal Parenting and what are Equal Parenting laws?

With Equal Parenting Laws, kids in Texas would start off in court custody cases with a check box of equal time and possession with both mom AND dad, as long as they are both fit, willing, and able. This helps the kids by preserving their right to a loving relationship with both parents as the starting point when fit parents break up, as well as cuts down unnecessary court fighting over custody, when both parents are fit, willing, and able.

There is no risk to children as equal parenting would only be applicable in cases where both parents are fit and there is no domestic violence or child abuse (which the majority of child custody cases involve fit parents who just want to bicker in court fighting over who gets more time with the children instead of sharing the children). A judge would still have the ability to deviate from the equal parenting starting point based on just cause to justify deviation. Equal parenting laws are a vital issue that can help kids and unclog courtsalso benefit society as a whole!

More info on equal shared parenting from David Bellow can be found at:


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