Soccer Star and Special Olympian, Matt Weiser

Matt Weiser loves nothing more than lacing up his cleats and hitting the soccer field. Matt is a skilled player and is lightning on his feet, but a few years ago, you wouldn’t think that could have been possible.

When Matt was in the second grade, he started experiencing epileptic seizures. The seizures started to become so severe his parents and doctors decided it was time to perform surgery.

The operation required removing part of his brain, which rendered Matt speechless and paralyzed. After many rounds of therapy and the love and care of his family, Matt performed the unimaginable.

He learned how to speak and walk again. Walking turned to running, and running eventually took him back to his first love, soccer.

Matt started playing soccer when he was five. He competed in events all the way up until his surgery.

After Matt learned how to walk again, he got right back on the field. His passion for soccer led to competing in the Special Olympics, which led to competing on the national stage.

The Special Olympics has allowed Matt to pursue his dream of playing soccer and has been an invaluable resource to him and his family. As soon as Matt steps onto the soccer field, his exuberance and passion for life shines through.

The dedication he has shown, just to get to where he is today, is exceptional. Being able to bounce back after a life altering surgery is a true testament to Matt’s determination to better himself.

Of course, it wouldn’t have been possible without the help of his family and his parents, John and Rebecca. Sometimes life throws you a curve ball, but how you react to it and handle it, makes all the difference.

I am honored to be able to spread Matt’s inspiring story today. I am also proud to say Matt is a native of the great city of Houston, Texas.

As Texans and Houstonians, we pride ourselves in hard work and Matt exemplifies that very quality. I have no doubt Matt will continue to dominate in the sport he loves and we will all be there cheering him on.

And that’s just the way it is.


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