Sonja Heldt Harris and her Natural Habitat

For the past several years Sonja Heldt Harris has been photographing the changing seasons in Texas from droughts to floods which she witnesses from her ranch in the Texas Hill Country. She is a native Texan from San Antonio now living in the hill country enjoying all the amenities that come with rural living. Residing in one of the fastest growing counties in Texas, Comal, it was an easy transition to navigate from her ‘human’ portraits to the wildlife still thriving at the Harris Ranch, a place she calls home. The Harris Ranch is adjacent to the beautiful winding Guadalupe River which runs from Kerr County and flows into the Gulf of Mexico.

Sonja Heldt Harris works in a field dominated by men, where wildlife photography has become synonymous with tigers, lions, elephants and faraway lands.  She brings realism back to the world of nature. Nestled between San Antonio and Austin is a wealth of Texas animals and reptiles such as deer, feral pigs, snakes, and an abundance of birds including vultures which ‘fascinate’ her and happen to be her favorite and the native flora such as poppies, thistle, cactus and Indian blanket to name a few.  Insects are also plentiful, colorful and curious.  Her passion for photographing the nature she sees all around has led her to believe that it is essential to document the many different animals, big and small, and flora for future generations. 

Her series, 'Life on the Ranch', has been exhibited in one woman shows, Kerrville Art and Cultural Center and the Huisache Grille in New Braunfels, and by invitation at the Bulverde/Spring Branch Library and at the San Antonio Art League Museum. 

Sonja Heldt Harris will have her series of 'Life on the Ranch' displayed at the Carver Community and Cultural Center 226 N Hackberry in San Antonio, Texas from September 2-22 with an Artist’s reception on Thursday, September 8 from 5:30 -7:30pm.  The public is invited to attend. 

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