Sonograms are Saving Lives!

Thank God our Texas legislators had the courage to require pregnant mothers beginning in 2012 to have a sonogram prior to aborting their child! If you ever doubted sonograms would save lives, please watch this nine minute video! It will make your day!

Please think about this. Do immigration reform, abortion, and radical Islam have any correlations?

The 1973 Roe v. Wade decision has resulted in more than 56 million abortions! Those children could have been “American-born workers.”

Most recent studies indicate America’s birth rate (referred to as fertility rate) is 2.01%. Anything less than 2.1 means our society is self-destructing. With those facts in mind, try to imagine, what would America do without undocumented immigrants? Who would do the work?

Islamic terrorists proudly put their despicable acts on display, especially for Americans to see. Not surprisingly, most of us do not want to view the videos of these horrendous executions. We know they are occurring, but they are far away, not in our country. We force ourselves not to think about them.

Ironically, a 1980 video called The Silent Scream showed an unborn child hopelessly fighting for its life, trying to get away from the deadly abortion instrument. These executions are taking place every day, right here in America. What more do we need? These unborn children are entitled to “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness!”

Is it any wonder we cannot find congressmen with the courage to address immigration when, after all, they have done nothing to overturn Roe v Wade! Wake up America! Stop the slaughter!

May God forgive us!




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