Standing United Against ISIL

As we remember the tragic occurrences of 9/11 we must also recognize that we still live with the very real threat of continued acts of terrorism. Two American journalists have been savagely executed and the Middle East remains unstable. This past week, we finally heard from the President that he now understands it will take more than hope to defeat terror and evil in this world.

America is being threatened by ISIL, and while I support the President’s decision to act in America’s best interest, many questions remain. No option should be taken off the table. We must realize it will take years to train combat ready forces in Iraq and Syria capable of dealing with these extremists. I believe we must unite as a country and focus on swiftly defeating ISIL. I pray the President’s efforts will be successful and I pray for the safety of our brave men and women who are risking their lives in defense of our freedom. God bless America, our President and our soldiers in these dangerous times.




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