Taxman Steals the Gold, Silver, and Bronze

America's best athletes carry the banner of Old Glory into the Olympic Games. They are a remarkable breed and have dedicated their lives in training to represent Team USA in lands far, far away.

This year is no different as they hit the snowy Winter Games in Russia, and they are already doing quite well. As the "Star-Spangled Banner'' plays, they stand on the podium to receive gold, silver, and bronze medals--but lurking in the creepy shadows of the medal ceremony is the U.S. taxman.

The IRS wants a piece of the gold even though these medals were won overseas. It is absurd that the IRS can levy a tax on these medals. These athletes are ambassadors for America. Their medals should not be taxed by the IRS. Are some winners going to have to sell their medals to pay the taxman? Who knows?

Congress should pass Congressman Farenthold's legislation this week that would keep the greedy hands of the IRS off the medals of the Olympians.

Mr. Speaker, the taxman should not be able to steal the gold, silver, and bronze.

And that's just the way it is.




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