TEXAS RACES, WHO decides who is farthest RIGHT....GOD?

The Republican Primary will be over March 6 at 7:30 pm. I have a mountain of mailers telling me who the most conservative, the most pro-life, the most fiscally conservative candidates are to vote for. I have to laugh because the candidate with the most mailers is probably losing. As far as the endorsements from the BIG groups and the like, I have to wonder what their agenda is. You should too. This is where YOU should critically think about who you will support. Not because a well-heeled group tells you or because some senator in Washington DC tells you to, but because you have attended at least two candidate forums and even asked the candidate a question.

This has been an election season like no other I have experienced. As Texans we love our independence and we should use our individuality by voting for the candidate we know is prolife, traditional marriage and will do the best job, because of his knowledge, experience and ability to get things done. Do not let these groups define who is farthest right because only God can read the hearts of men. The well-heeled group that trickles the endorsements down to the other penurious groups should be a cause for concern to the average voter.

It will be a good wager that our top officials will win in the Primary to represent the Republican Party in November. The hot races to watch that I have worked on that may have runoffs are the Congressional District 21, Texas Court of Criminal Appeals Place 8 and the Land Commissioner. To help those still undecided in the very competitive CD21 race among 18 candidates, I recommend Quico Canseco and Jason Isaac. This is not to say that with so many candidates there could be a surprise in the election results. Brace for the outcome. In a very close race for Texas Court of Criminal Appeals Place 8, Dib Waldrip is the right choice and for Land Commissioner there is no question that Jerry Patterson should be in the runoff come May.

Quico Canseco has the experience, knowledge and ability to represent CD21 and its diverse population from city life, to the far stretching Hill Country to the rural and ranch areas in the district. He is a strong fiscal and social conservative who stands for life without exceptions. He has voted for a balanced budget as the former representative of CD23. He voted for President Trump and will be an asset in the US Congress.

Jason Isaac is presently serving as the representative of Texas HD45 and understands what it takes to bring about a ban on sanctuary cities, a balanced budget and will vote to defund Planned Parenthood. He also understands the people and the area in which his constituents’ reside, Hays and Blanco counties. Isaac voted for Trump to be our #45 president and will be a strong supporter.

Dib Waldrip is one of three vying for the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals Place 8. This court reviews serious criminal matters appealed from the various Courts of Appeal, writs of Habeas Corpus and direct appeals of death penalty cases from the District Courts. So it is imperative that the person sitting on this court understands the severity of the results. Waldrip’s credentials far exceed the other two candidates. He is a man of faith and he resides in Comal County with his wife and family.

Jerry Patterson is the only one who can beat the incumbent GP Bush because he was the 27th Commissioner of the General Land Office from January 21, 2003 to January 2, 2015. He knows what has to be done to maintain the Alamo and keep the Alamo Cenotaph in its original place. He also knows that the Harvey victims need assistance that they are not presently receiving. He supports President Trump and waits to work with him to seal the border.


Fight, Never Give UP!


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