True Wisdom Is Greek To Political Strategists

In an online exchange, a friend explained that Democrats win because they embrace and celebrate their base, while Republicans denounce, disown and conspire against theirs. Absolutely. And why is that? It's because mass-media and education are largely amenable, to say the least, with the agenda of the Democrat base. And they are largely hostile to the conservative Republican base. And for these people, EVERYTHING is political. Republicans fear adverse treatment in the popular culture (hateful, bigoted, extreme, out-of-the mainstream, selfish, greedy, insensitive, etc.), and feel they must qualify their message to accommodate.

Democrats on the other hand, do NOT feel threatened by the media. If anything they may soft-peddle their message if they feel their particular constituency has not been sufficiently intellectually dragged to the "progressive" extent of the popular culture. If Democrats thought their message politically dangerous in the popular culture, they would not only qualify it, if necessary, they would outright change it. When slavery and Jim Crow were popular, they were all for it. If unborn babies voted, they would be pro-life.

And why is it like THAT? Of course in both cases the bottom-line is winning. Republicans will say they can't even dip an oar in the progressive stream if they don't win elections. And for Democrats, it's more about power to impose their will on society. Don't tell me about Republicans and social constraints. I'm all for the right of states to determine their own priorities, even if I think their choices are foolish. I think government control of commerce is largely foolish even usually at the state level; particularly in a large state like mine, which is Texas. But the people have the right to vote for it. I think "progressive" social ideas are foolish as well; counter to the long term flourishing of society. But states should make these determinations as well.

Roe v. Wade like other judicial mischief is wrong because its unconstitutional. Both generally and specifically, The United States Constitution prohibits federal intrusion into affairs except for 20 specifically enumerated powers. And The Tenth Amendment specifically asserts federal exclusion from all but these enumerated powers, and other powers are reserved to the states and the people.

Pro-life people will say that The Constitution demands the protection of (human) life, and I would agree. However, A) even the prosecution of inarguable murder is only charged to the states, not the task of the federal government; B) in this we should see that even more so, it is neither feasible or advisable in terms of the public ethic and function for the federal government to monitor, prosecute and sanction abortion; and C) I expect that unlike demure and docile conservatives, "progressive" (I persist with the quotation marks because I cannot regard utter social foolishness as progress) states would not roll over with their paws in the air whining if a "right" (as abortion is now described) were declared null, whether by statute or constitutional Amendment. Rather, I think thy would simply defy the law, telling the federal government to stick it in its ear (or somewhere).

I think states should socially sink or swim with the consequence of their collective wisdom or lack thereof. And foolish practice, particularly vulgar and heinous ones like abortion, portend a selfish and uncivil society. You may, but I'd prefer not leave my children in the care of people who regard the lives of their own offspring beneath their selfish desires or aspirations.

Anyway, Republicans revere winning in the interest of mere survival. To whatever extent they regard their agenda as representing the truth, advocating for that may be a luxury they cannot afford. Which is the problem with much of The Tea Party. They may regard the truth as worthy of respect and advocacy. How gauche! Myself, I actually believe the clear truth is an unmatched weapon in the political battle. The truth is not a loser. It’s a winner. If the truth is losing ground in the popular culture, it’s because people don’t have the valor to speak for and defend it. But that is as comprehensible as Greek to wise Republican political strategy. Sometimes this wise party is called, "The Stupid Party."


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