U.S. Police Officer Charged With Protecting Drug Trafficking

A Georgia law enforcement officer was arrested last week for allegedly offering to provide uniformed protection for the trafficking of methamphetamine.

Pierce County Sheriff’s Deputy Randy Strickland was arrested by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) on federal charges on October 17, 2013. The U.S. Attorney’s Office accused Strickland of offering to act as security for individuals he believed were trafficking methamphetamine, the same drug Mexican cartels have increasingly pumped into the U.S. The cartels have increasingly sent their own Mexican national operatives to oversee and manage operations.

The U.S. Attorney’s Office accused Strickland of providing security for methamphetamine shipments while in uniform and using his police vehicle.

Another instance of a U.S. law enforcement officer using both his uniform and police vehicle to provide protection for narcotics smuggling surfaced in Texas earlier this year. In that case, a Houston area law enforcement officer took $2,000 to "protect" a massive shipment of cocaine.

I contacted the U.S. Attorney's Office for Breitbart News at the time of that issue, but they refused to discuss the origins of such an unusually large amount of cocaine. The FBI also declined to comment on the origins of the shipment. However, Breitbart News obtained the official court documents in the case, which revealed that the shipment had originated in an unspecified foreign nation.

The complaint against the Houston area law enforcement officer can be viewed below:

Houston Law Enforcement Officer Protected International Cocaine Shipment

Article and image originally posted on Breitbart.com.


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