Van Duyne Launches Website to Help Parents Locate Baby Formula in TX-24

Rep. Van Duyne is leading the way in countering President Biden's baby formula shortage by helping parents find baby formula near them.

While President Biden may be complacent with hungry children and desperate parents, I am committed to doing the work he continually fails to accomplish. Infants across North Texas are hungry today, and I am focused on using all the available resources to ensure their bottles are full.

The website launched this morning and will work to bring the North Texas Community together and crowdsource information, providing local information for stores with formula in stock. 

Knowing many people want to help parents currently struggling to find food to feed their babies, at individuals can fill out a quick form to add store information with formula in stock so parents in need have a resource for finding the formula they need. 

Parents across the nation have felt the effects of constant supply chain disruptions and the recent safety recall by the nations largest formula manufacturer. The Biden administration's inaction over this shortage has drastically exacerbated the crisis.


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