Voting Against HB 803 is like Voting Against Women’s Right to Vote – History will Show Who Supported Parental Equality and Who Slowed it Down

History books will show who stood against the last frontier of equality, and who ignored the 150 people who testified at the HB 803 hearing at the Texas Capitol April 26, 2021 in favor of HB 803, vs. only a handful of people who testified against who were all tied to attorney lobbyists who stand to lose money if there is less conflict in family law. It is the people vs profits and it is equality vs biased oppression. 

Support Texas HB 803 Equal Parenting bill. Set it for a vote quickly and vote it out to the full floor so it can get an up or down vote that is deserves. With 22 bipartisan authors, we know it will be approved on the floor, and holding it back from the floor is simply putting your name right next to delaying equality in the history books. 

In 50 years, people will look back and wonder why there was ever a time when kids didn’t have a right to see both fit and loving parents equally.

They will wonder why we put children through so much suffering when we all know the stats, facts, and studies prove children are greatly harmed with unequal parenting, while they thrive under equal access to both loving parents.

They will wonder how anyone could be against an equal starting point in child custody cases for fit parents and will wonder how anyone could have been in favor of promoting biases.

When parents split and the mom and dad now both have to work, they will look back and wonder why did we have a system that keeps most moms at home with the kids working side jobs trying to make ends meet while the dads went on to have good careers, instead of promoting equal parenting which gives women the equal chance of having a career and closing the pay gap while both parents equally share the duties of parenting instead of just one parent.

They will wonder why we forced parents to fight and spend all their money on attorneys with an unequal system that incentivizes conflict and greatly harms low income and minority families who cannot afford the legal system that forces them to hire attorneys and fight, instead of having an equal system that tells fit parents to just share the kid equally because that is the right of the child to have both parentings involved. 

Democrats, how can you be for equality for women while saying they should just stay in the kitchen after a breakup and not have equal opportunity? How can you be against children separated from parents at the border but then be fine with children automatically separated from parents in family courts even when both parents are fit willing and able? 

Republicans, how can you claim to be for family values and say kids need a mom and a dad, while saying it is fine for a kid to no longer have a mom or a dad after the parents break up? How can you be opposed to crime and support the police, while ignoring that the majority of all teen crime and drug use come from children with unequal parenting homes and no fathers due to unequal parenting in family courts. 

There is no equality in the Texas Family code right now. Sure, the constitution says you cannot discriminate based on gender in family court, but we all know they do, and the stats prove it, just like black people were still discriminated against even though it was against the constitution. That is why laws were needed to correct those biases. Sure, it is possible to get a judge to grant 50/50 now or give you expanded standard, but you start off as unequal and have to have money and fight to be equal. That is not how equality is supposed to work, and in practice most people cannot afford it or a judge still doesn’t grant it even if both parents are perfectly fit loving parents.

Equality with fit and loving parents should be the starting point and then a Judge can go down from there based on just cause. That is how equality works. 

History will show who fought the good fight, as it will show who fought against it.


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