Wendy Davis, Abortion Barbie, Wants To Be Texas Governor

Texas Senator Wendy Davis of filibuster fame announced that she is running for the Texas Governor’s seat that is presently held by our very pro-life Governor Rick Perry. Imagine that, an abortionist in pro-life Texas wants to be our next governor. Like all the pro abortionists, she never even referred to those eleven hours of standing on the Senate floor to defeat a pro-life bill. She totally forgot why she stood with a catheter attempting to keep Planned Parenthood alive and well.

She instead will focus on Texas education. We know what that means; she will work hard to make sure her values are instilled in our Texas youth. We don’t need Davis to work against our conservative values as the Obama administration has made it a point to destroy the family in America. Let your friends know that Wendy Davis is an enemy of the state of Texas. Let’s Keep TEXAS RED!


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