What Kermit Gosnell Means!

(Writer's note-This deals with the trial of Kermit Gosnell, who is being tried for murder of seven babies born outside the mother’s womb and a mother during an abortion procedure.)

The following was a Grand Jury description of late term abortions conducted in Dr. Kermit Gosnell’s clinic, “Very often, the patient delivered without Gosnell being present. [Staffer Latosha] Lewis testified that one or two babies fell out of patients each night. They dropped out on lounge chairs, on the floor, and often in the toilet. If the doctor was not there, it was not unusual for no one to tend to the mother or the baby. In fact, several of the clinic’s workers refused to deal with the expelled babies or the placenta. So, after delivering babies, women and girls would have to just sit and wait – sometimes on a toilet for hours – for Gosnell to arrive.”

This appeared to be standard procedure in the Gosnell clinic where newborns' spines were sniped, body parts stored in jars and one staffer lifted the toilet so another individual could get what remained of unborn children out of the pipe. As American Spectator Matt Purple noted, “The distinction between a 'fetus' and a 'baby' isn’t a small one. In America today, under the mad abortion regime established by the Supreme Court, it’s morally acceptable to kill a 'fetus' while a 'baby' is a human person fully protected under the law. My intent here isn’t to impugn the grand jury, which did an admirable job wading through Gosnell’s sludge. But it’s notable how the report, along with much of the scant coverage in the mainstream press, ricochets back and forth between the two words.”

Mainstream media ignored this story, but then if Gosnell had shot those babies with an AR-15, maybe the media might have found the time to cover the trial. Since Roe v. Wade, we have attempted to redefine what life is or isn’t. It is not based on biology, but instead, of trying to put a square peg in a round hole as many have justified abortion essentially under any conditions. We use words like “choice”, “reproductive rights” and “simple medical procedure” to hide what we are truly doing. The issue of abortion is difficult since you are dealing with two human lives occupying the same geographical place. Do we force a woman to carry a baby if her life is at risk, or what if a woman becomes pregnant through rape or incest? These are legitimate questions and most Americans including many pro-lifers would agree the mother’s decision takes precedence. But do mothers have a right to kill the unborn because she wants a boy as opposed to girl? These are decisions that many Chinese choose in China under China's one-child policy, where you are limited by the State on how many children you can have. Or should a baby be aborted after six months if the mother’s life is not in jeopardy? At six months, even the most hardened pro-choice advocate can’t argue that a baby isn't human at this stage of development.

Why Gosnell's case was not covered may be simply because the majority of media is pro-choice and they purposely chose not to cover the story for what it represented. Media would have to tell a story of mangled babies’ parts, and the public might realize that what is being aborted is not a fetus but a baby. Nor could the media ignore the reality that many of these babies were born alive and nothing was done. To make Roe v Wade work, unborn children needed to be turned into fetuses. The problem, as I already noted, that we are dealing with is that we have two lives sharing the same geography, but Roe v Wade reduced this to simply the woman being the only concern as the unborn was demoted to non-human.

Matt Purple in his article talks of the case of Baby Boy B. The baby was 28 weeks in the mother’s womb when Dr. Gosnell slit the baby’s throat after being forced from the mother’s womb. This is not just a case of abortion, but it is infanticide since it happened outside the mother’s womb. Many within the pro-choice movement have long opposed any attempt to rein late term abortions and as Purple observed, many pro-choice advocates like MSNBC's Rachel Maddow defended the late George Tiller when he performed partial-birth abortions, a procedure that involves puncturing the baby’s skull and sucking the brain out.

Kermit Gosnell’s case is a reminder that abortion is not just another medical procedure, but instead a debate on how best to deal with two human lives occupying the same geography. We have attempted to hide what abortion is by using words like fetus to hide what is at stake. We have cheapened our own humanity, and the failure of the media in not covering the story reinforced this.


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