What the Liberal Media Doesn't Want You to Know About the Texas Legislative Session

Texas Capitol at Night by Bob PriceContrary to what the main stream media would like you to believe, the 2011 Legislative Session was a huge success for the agenda of Texas Conservatives and Republicans. A strong Voter ID bill was passed and signed into law. The Texas Budget, unlike the Federal Budget, was balanced without raising taxes, dipping heavily into the rainy day fund, or excessively cutting major state programs. Funds to defend the Texas/Mexico border were increased. A sonogram bill was signed into law to protect life. And, Texas passed a major lawsuit reform bill in the form of "Loser Pays".

Following is a video from Texas Lt. Governor David Dewhurst that details the Conservative accomplishments of the 82nd Texas Legislative Session.

Remember, the media is not interested in the Conservative agenda. They will not tell you the truth about what happened in this legislative session. Their goal is to divide and conquer the wave of Conservative Republicanism that has swept Texas. As Texas goes, so goes the United States in 2012!



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