Republicans must come together to stand for policies that strengthen the core of society: The traditional family. Marriage must be protected. Life must be respected. Liberals suggest the policies we embrace are “divisive wedge issues,” but they could not be more wrong. Policies that strengthen the family are essential to a GOP that keeps its core conservative principles.
The U.S. continues to lead all countries with 30 medals at the 2021 Tokyo Olympics. But the country’s most decorated gymnast has exited competition due to stress and concerns over her own well-being.
It’s clear that there were catastrophic failures at multiple levels of law enforcement, including federal agents who should’ve taken action and willfully neglected to do so.
Many questions still remain on the feasibility and financing of this project, and I will continue to fight against anything that would grant this company the ability to seize property without the consent of landowners.
Roughly 86% of Texans with federal flood insurance could see their premiums go up next year when a new program goes into effect, according to data from the Federal Emergency Management Agency.
Veterans and active duty servicemembers across the country should rest assured that if anything happens to them their families will be supported.
Tuesday marked the first day of the 2021 Atlantic hurricane season — meaning it's once again time for Houstonians to begin their emergency planning.
Their sacrifice, from generation to generation, is bound by the golden thread of American liberty.
On Wednesday, Congressman Eric Swalwell (D-CA) and I reintroduced the bipartisan Homicide Victims’ Families Rights Act to give more rights to the families of homicide victims in federal cases.
I’m proud to represent a community in which many police officers, like those who participate in Operation Progress, wear their humanity like a badge of honor.
A Texas Senate committee is scheduled to hold a hearing on the bill on Tuesday.
Keep your saddle oiled and your gun greased because the “National Day of the Cowboy” – the fourth Saturday in July – is finally here.
As an increasing number of Texans get vaccinated against COVID-19, most voters here are returning to their pre-pandemic lives — or something close to it — after a year of living carefully, according to the University of...
The "Uplifting First-Time Homebuyers Act" will increase the IRA homebuyer exception from $10k to $20k, the first increase in over 20 years. 
On Saturday, I issued the following statement in response to a shooting in downtown Austin, leaving at least thirteen people wounded.
New cases, hospitalizations and deaths are as low as they were before the first wave of the outbreak last summer.
While the coronavirus pandemic upended people's lives across the world, it is critical for the sake of both children and families that we restart this adoption process. 
I recently joined members of the For Country Caucus and military nonprofit Operation Gratitude in assembling 5,000 individually-addressed care packages for deployed troops during Military Appreciation Month...
Equal Parenting is important for kids who are hurting without equal access to both fit and loving parents. Equal Parenting is important for women to achieve true equality, and for fathers who frequently get cut out of the...
If you’re new to the hobby, Anahuac National Wildlife Refuge, High Island, Laguna Atascosa National Wildlife Refuge, and Trinity River Audubon Center are just a few of the well-known birding hot spots in the Lone Star state...
Only years of hard work and dedication earned these future leaders their much-deserved nominations, and I am confident they will go on to represent the best of what it means to be an American and a Texan.



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