FBI Agents Found Cheating on Foreign Intelligence and Terrorism Investigation Exam

FBI agents, as well as several supervisors, were caught cheating on an exam. The exam covered new rules for terrorism and criminal investigations and for collecting foreign intelligence. 

According to Reuters:

The report by inspector general Glenn Fine found that some FBI employees improperly consulted with others while taking the exam, and others used or distributed answer sheets or study guides that essentially provided the answers to the test.
A few FBI employees, including several supervisors and a legal adviser, exploited a programing flaw to reveal the answers on their computers, according to the investigation into four FBI offices around the country and several individuals.
The report found significant abuses and cheating involving at least 22 employees.

The exam's last question required all employees to certify that they did not consult with anyone else while taking the exam. Almost all of the agents caught cheating falsely certified that they did not consult anyone else.

Was the material on the test not important enough for the FBI to take seriously? If protecting our nation against terrorist attacks is not important enough, then what is?


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