Featured Voice of the Texas GOP: David Bellow

David Bellow is an Army National Guardsman and a State Republican Executive Committeeman from Lumberton, Texas (Hardin County). Like most residents in east Texas, Bellow has had to endure watching the good old boy Democrat controlled county’s officials do nothing as public money has been wasted and misused. Bellow is taking this fight for Conservative Values head-on in his county. He has a passion for showing fellow conservatives all accross Texas how they can stand up and fight back in their local communities too because the liberal problems that Bellow faces in his county are problems in most other Texas counties as well.

"We can no longer just rely on our legislators to do the dirty work. We must get our hands dirty as well. We can no longer just leave it up to the politicians to try to fix this mess. It is too big. We need the people to all stand up and be counted. We need the people of America to get involved and start doing something to save the future of America." - David Bellow

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