Featured Voice of the Texas GOP: Ivan Andarza

Ivan A. Andarza is currently Chairman of the Board of the Texas Guaranteed Student Loan Corporation, being appointed to the board by Governor Rick Perry in 2007 and confirmed by the Texas Senate that same year.

Mr. Andarza’s Republican political activism started in his hometown of Brownsville, Texas. He was President of the Brownsville Republican Club in 2001, legal counsel to the Cameron County Republican Party 1998-2000, served on the Organizational Committee to the Texas Republican State Convention in 2000, national committee man for the Latino National Republican Coalition (LNRC) from 2010 to present, in November 2000 he was a Member of Mighty Texas Victory Strike Force campaigning for President George W. Bush in Miami Florida and again in 2004 in Pittsburg Pennsylvania.

It is not uncommon to see Mr. Andarza debating a Democratic State Legislator on spanish language television, since he is a frequent guest on Univision and other spanish language media.

Mr. Andarza earned his Bachelors in Business Administration, majoring in Finance, from the University of Texas at Austin in 1993. He earned his Juris Doctors from Baylor School of Law in 1997. He is currently in private practice in Austin, Texas. The Andarza Law Office practice areas include Immigration law, Bankruptcy, and Criminal Defense.

Ivan is married to Elvia, and together they have two children Ivan and Nicolas.

“I have a profound respect for our American legal system. Texas voters play a vital roll in preserving our way of life by insuring that only people who value the central role law plays in our society are elected at all levels of government. It is law, through our Constitution, that defines and protects our liberties, defines the relationships between the States and the Federal Government and protects our free enterprise system through respect for private property. Vigilance by our Texas voters is crucial.”



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