Featured Voice of the Texas GOP: Javier Manjarres

Javier Manjarres, from The Shark Tank, was named CPAC 2011 Blogger of the Year.

Raised in a family with strong values, Javier Manjarres' parents instilled in him the strong core conservative values he possesses today. Naturally confident and assertive, he learned early in his youth to take control of that confidence and put it to good use. His ambitious and resilient personality helped him to excel as a Business major in college and later as a small business owner.

Having traveled to over 30 countries, Manjarres credits his experiences and understanding of many different cultures and customs for helping to mold him into the man he has become. While on his travels abroad, he developed a passion for several types of combative arts. Two of the arts that have perfectly resonated with his strong personality, and that he is constantly pursuant of are Muay Thai and Israeli Krav Maga.

Never one to mince his words, Manjarres wears his beliefs on his sleeve. He is not afraid to face down politicians and hold elected officials accountable. And not being someone to back down from asking tough questions, Manjarres has gained the reputation of being consistently aggressive and provocative.

Source: www.redcounty.com

View his acceptance speech of the CPAC 2011 Blogger of the Year award below:

"Our next objective as conservatives is nothing less than the defeat of Barack Obama in 2012 and the complete rollback of the entire agenda he’s implemented during the past two years. That means the failed 'Stimulus' Plan, ObamaCare, the subversive foreign policy, the backdoor regulations, the progressive judges and czars, – it all must be repudiated."

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