Featured Voice of the Texas GOP: Lana Shadwick

Lana Shadwick is running for the 179th Criminal District Court in Harris County.

Lana Shadwick is a life-long Republican and has been active in Harris County with the Harris County Republican party and with Republican groups for almost twenty years. She is a prosecutor serving in the finest state prosecutorial appellate section in our nation – the Harris County District Attorney’s Office. She is responsible for assisting trial prosecutors with legal issues and for being a criminal law scholar. She has always been a scholar, having served as an Editor of the law review. She has been practicing law for almost twenty years and has over five years of experience as an Associate Judge.

Lana Shadwick has always been concerned about the plight of Texas children and families. She has been there to ensure that all victims, but especially the littlest of these are protected. She has sought justice and protection for young innocents as an Assistant District Attorney, as an associate judge in Harris County Family District Court, and statewide as a prosecutor at the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services. She is considered a legal expert in the area of child abuse and has for years served as a writer and a lecturer throughout the state. As noted in the The Prosecutor, her scholarly legal articles were used to create a website used by Texas District and County attorneys to assist them in prosecuting their cases. Her newsletter while at TDPRS was distributed to judges and county and district attorneys statewide. She was appointed by the President of the State Bar to serve on the State Bar of Texas Child Abuse and Neglect Committee. Her desire is that all victims of crime have justice.

"A judge's role is to apply the law when administering justice. I strongly believe that a judge should not 'legislate' from the bench. A jurist must understand the original intent of lawmakers as to how a particular law must be applied. I understand that strict adherence to the constitutions of the United States and Texas is an obligation which is not to be disregarded by judicial activism." - Lana Shadwick

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