Fernando Trevino Speech From Tax Day Lone Star Tea Party event in Dallas

I gave the following speech at the Lone Star Tea Party tax day event yesterday:


So this is what thousands of freedom-loving Texans looks like!

You know I've only ever seen crowds this big on TV and normally when they show this many conservatives on TV, they say there were just a few dozen present and they always pick the craziest one in the crowd in an attempt to make us look bad. And now we've found out that some spineless liberals have attempted to infiltrate these sort of events in a sad attempt to undermine us. It shouldn't surprise me that they'd stoop so low and can't count and always grossly underestimate how many are here because these are the same people who think they know us better than we know ourselves. Without the wisdom spewed from biased outlets like MSNBC, I would never have known and would still be unaware that liberals like Keith Olbermann know more about being a young minority than say someone who actually grew up on the border in a Latino family with a name like Fernando Trevino.

Anyway, I am not here to take cheap shots at easy leftist targets no matter how easy and fun it is. I am here today because I am a 19-year old who will be voting in his first general election this coming November. And aside from being a Proud Fightin' Texas Aggie, I am a proud Texas conservative who is ready to do my part to rip that gavel from Nancy Pelosi's hands and return personal freedoms and liberty to this nation!

As a freshman in college, I am all about my newfound personal liberties, as is nearly everyone in college. So it always surprises and agitates me that many in college will support liberals for public office. The college mentality is definitely "what momma don't know won't hurt her," but when it comes to politics, uninformed students will be blinded into voting for candidates like Obama who want to limit the very freedoms we have grown to love.

Thankfully, there are conservative student organizations on college campuses throughout this state whose aim is to educate other students about what conservatism has to offer. Back home in Aggieland there are over 1200 students protesting in the rain! And if you've ever been to College Station you understand how hard it rains. Groups like ours understand that all conservatives want is to create a nation in which individuals are allowed to succeed and live as we chose by our own God-given talents. I may not personally know many of you here, but I'm sure each one of us is smart enough to know what you need and how to best provide for your families better than any liberal elitist thousands of miles away in Washington!

This is exactly why we need to support conservative candidates who will finally force Congress to "cut the cord" and give us a chance to grow and learn from our mistakes as we work towards a better future free of an intrusive and debilitating government. If liberals and our elected officials only had enough faith in us, then maybe they'd be pleasantly surprised to discover the amazing ingenuity that lies within each one of us and the awe-inspiring feats Americans can accomplish when our backs are up against the wall. And you know what? I think many elected officials will be surprised this November, but not pleasantly. Liberals have pushed us up against the wall and we're not going to take it! Not only will we win, but we will reverse the damage that has been done and allow the individual in each one of us to shine through and reignite the beacon of freedom that has always been the United States of America and our Constitution.

For too long, liberals have preyed upon the weak and needy. In doing so, they have stricken down talented people and cast them into vicious cycle of dependency. Having been born and raised on the border, I have seen firsthand that after decades of liberal policies and generations of government entitlements and countless amounts of cash thrown at constituents, all aimed at improving our quality of life, we are still fighting poverty in this nation. So, maybe compromising our freedoms for a false sense of security doesn't work. What a novel concept! I mean, before now, radical ideas based on the power of the individual were only espoused by people like our Founding Fathers. This TEA Party movement seems to be a political "Great Awakening" in this nation, and I hope that our fellow Americans can realize that our Founding Principles, not big government, are what have made this nation successful for several centuries! And we will only continue to succeed if we return to our conservative roots and adhere to these principles!

Since I started with an Aggie tradition, I figured I'd end with one... let's Beat the Hell outta liberals in November!


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