Fighting for every inch of Texas! Chairman Woodfill of Harris County Republican Party Open Outreach Center in Heavy Latino Area

Thanks to Big Jolly of Houston for sharing with us! 

I want to commend the leadership of the Republican party of Harris County and Houston Texas for leading in the fight to do what is necessary to secure our future and keep Texas red. Chairman Jared Woodflll of the Harris County Republican Party has taken a bold step towards the future by committing party resources to the idea that we can win hearts and minds of our Houston Neighbors from all communities.

A new "Outreach Center" will be opened this upcoming week in one of Houston's heaviest Latino areas. According to the party email blast it will be used for outreach purposes, community events, small business classes, English classes and so on. The Republican Party of Texas might one day see this decision as a major reason for Texas staying red 10 to 15 years from now. Now it is up to Houstonians to ground and pound our way to Republican victory in these Democratic strongholds.

It is time to go on the offense, amazing job by Chairman Woodfill. This weekend our Houston Chapter of the Latino National Republican Coalition of Texas, chaired by Lisa Sowle, will hold a community outreach event by painting the home of a beloved handicapped community leader right down the street from the Harris County Republican Party new East End Community Center. Join us if you are in Houston by going to our event page here. We will not let urban Houston go blue any further!


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