Final Health Care Bill Vote: Which Democrats Voted For Health Care Bill and Which Democrats Voted Against Health Care Bill?

Bill (HR3590) passed today 219 to 212. Who voted yes, and who voted no? According to the Washington Post, the breakdown is as follows:

  • 219 Democrats voted for the legislation. That's the exact same number of Democrats who voted yes on Nov. 7, when the House first took up its version of the bill.
  • All 178 Republicans voted no. Back in November, only 176 Republicans voted no. On Sunday, Rep. Joseph Cao (R-La.), who previously cast the lone GOP vote in either chamber for any version of the legislation, opposed the bill. The GOP also added to its no tally because, since the November vote, Rep. Parker Griffith (Ala.) switched parties to become a Republican. He initially voted against the bill as a Democrat in November.
  • 34 Democrats voted no, a drop from the 39 who opposed the first vote.
  • Three Democrats who voted yes on Nov. 7 are no longer in office, one having died and two others having retired since that vote. That left just 216 Democrats in office who voted yes Nov. 7.
  • Eight Democrats switched from no to yes: Reps. Brian Baird (Wash.), John Boccieri (Ohio), Allen Boyd (Fla.), Bart Gordon (Tenn.), Suzanne Kosmas (Fla.), Dennis Kucinich (Ohio), Betsy Markey (Colo.), and Scott Murphy (N.Y.).
  • Of those switchers, four were freshman lawmakers facing likely tough re-elections: Boccieri, Kosmas, Markey and Murphy.
  • Five Democrats switched from yes to no: Michael Arcuri (N.Y.), Marion Berry (Ark.), Daniel Lipinski (Ill.), Stephen Lynch (Mass.) and Zack Space (Ohio).
  • Of those switchers, two -- Arcuri and Space -- are from the class of 2006, facing tough reelections.
  • Had the other four Democrats who are no longer in office been here Sunday, and had they voted the same as on Nov. 7, the final tally would have been 222-213.

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