Fire Ciro Rodriguez!

Once again Congressman Ciro Rodriguez (D-TX23) settled for mediocrity, and continues to show how inadequately he represents us! I am of course referring to the healthcare vote that took place on March 21st, in which the House passed the very flawed Senate version of the health care bill.

Though many think that having passed this bill means that the uninsured will now be insured, the truth could not be further from the truth. All this bill does is mandate that the uninsured purchase insurance or pay a fine; this is the equivalent of telling the unemployed that they must find a job! This is insane because obviously this is telling us something we already know. The only thing this bill accomplished was coverage for those with preexisting conditions, something that I think we all agree seems morally right.

Aside from failing to actually insure anyone, this new law will actually not save us very much money and will hurt the middle class. If you are from a family of four, making $66,000, it is estimated that you will spend $5,200 on insurance a year, leaving you with only $8,000 in discretionary spending. Some help, huh? What would we do without Ciro Rodriguez, maybe have some more money in our pockets, but if you like throwing your money away for mediocre results, then thats your choice.

Even worse, this bill takes $500 Billion dollars away from Medicare. This is a disgrace, Medicare is already underfunded and our elderly and retired have worked hard their entire lives and for what, so Ciro can take their money to pay for President Obamas dream? The funniest thing about this is that for years Democrats have been saying that Republicans want to take away your Social Security and Medicare, but the votes show that it is Democrats who voted on March 21st to strip our elderly of $500 Billion in medical care. I am ashamed that our Congressman did not work hard enough to extend choice and medical insurance to more of our fellow Texans and Americans in an effective way.

There is a right way and a wrong way to do everything, but apparently our Congressman and his friends in Washington found a new way to do things: the mediocre way. They were so desperate to get something done just to say that they did it, that they ended up failing us miserably and delivering us a mediocre "reform" that does nothing more than recklessly spend our money and take away money from those who need it most. Despite what you think this bill does, I ask you to please read into it, and of course just wait until you realize that our Congress did not deliver a real healthcare reform, they only delivered us a mandate to purchase medical insurance. And if Ciro personally gives you a medical insurance policy, please let me know; and if not, please let me know how you like his mandate for you to buy insurance.

I ask my friends and neighbors to please see through Ciros mediocrity and vote him out in November in exchange for a Congressman who will actually work for us, spend our money responsibly, and actually take actions to make health care more affordable and accessible! I believe the best person to deliver on this is Quico Canseco, not only because he is the only Republican candidate who can beat Ciro, but because he will be a Congressman who will listen to his constituents and find ways to solve the problems that are facing congressional district 23, Texas, and our nation. Quico Canseco quickly issued a press release regarding the HCR vote and what he would do if elected to fix the mess created by our Congress and has previously mentioned how he would tackle the issue of healthcare. Quico has promised that if elected he will work to repeal the joke of a reform passed Sunday in favor of true reform that will allow us to shop between states for the best deal on medical coverage, take steps to make sure doctors are protected and unafraid to practice medicine in our state and nation, ensure that the rising costs of healthcare are dealt with using free-market principles, introduce catastrophic health insurance coverage for those of us who are young, healthier, and suppose that we are invincible. When it comes to healthcare reform, Quico Cansecos solutions will give more of us the opportunity to purchase affordable medical insurance of our choice without fear of a government bureaucracy getting between us, our doctors, and our health.


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