First Ever Convention for LNRC of Texas

What motivates us? We look to the West Coast of the United States, and we see a state that is slipping into an ocean of debt, a failing government, and a population riddled with misinformation. A Republican in California almost has to concede certain ideological stances to the left just to hold an audience. We won’t allow it to happen in Texas, ever. This is why we have begun the Latino National Republican Coalition of Texas. We held our first convention with the purpose of solidifying a grassroots movement dedicated to marketing the GOP’s principles beyond the choir. It is very clear that without the support of the RPT, Chairman Munisteri, the SREC and the many cooperative chairpersons across Texas at the county level, the LNRC of Texas would not have grown so quickly. We truly are enjoying the benefits of working united within the party structure to keep Texas red!

Our first year as an auxiliary of the Republican Party of Texas has brought us explosive growth, where all across the State we have brought a new dimension to Republican activism. We had the opportunity to tell our story to over 150 Republicans including our honored guest Lt. Governor David Dewhurst, Senator Jeff Wentworth, and Candidate Quico Canseco. We shared our pictures of our community events and recognized the leadership of the local chapter chairs: North Texas Dianne Costa, Greater Bexar County Alejandro Sostre-Odio, Houston Lisa Sowle, and El Paso Sammy Carejo.

This amazing group of Republicans that have come together for this mission are intent on locking up Texas as a red state for the midterms and beyond. With the help of Ivan Andarza and Adryana Boyne continuing their excellent work in the Spanish media, we know that the grassroots message will resonate across Texas.

We were also proud to team up with Manny Rosales from the RNC who brought his team of media expert to train Republicans in the art of media messaging at St. Mary’s University. We were proud to have as a sponsor of this historic event, and to have their up and coming bloggers share with us the concepts of using social media to push forward a conservative message. As our membership becomes more active in the midterms, we know that 2012 will be the year that our labor should bear fruit across the state. Feel free to visit us at to see more information on our state convention or to learn about LNRC of Texas.


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