Flying with Firearms - TSA Won't be Groping This Passenger

Julie Golob is one of the top female competition shooters in the world with a list of championships that are the envy of many world class shooters. As such, Julie travels by air around the country to shooting matches and even some international flights. Of course you dont have to be a world class competition shooter to want to travel with a firearm. After all, the 2nd Amendment doesnt stop at your state line. If you are a licensed concealed carry holder, your license may be valid in more than your home state and you may want to carry your favorite handgun along with you when you travel.

To that end, Julie has written some traveling with firearms tips for Womens Outdoor News I thought might interest some of you. In addition to her primary sponsor of Smith & Wesson, Julie is also sponsored by my company, Blue Wonder Gun Care Products. Before we get to her tips, lets see Julie in action...

Here is what Julie has to offer those of you interested in traveling with firearms.

The idea of airline travel with a firearm and ammunition puts some people in a cold sweat. Those nightmare tales of people missing flights due to difficult airline and Transportation Security Administration (TSA) agents, and the cases where competition shooters have been detained by police, are enough to make anyone prefer piling the car with all their guns and gear to make a road trip to their destination instead. As someone who travels with firearms 12 to 15 times a year, I can say that I am fortunate not to have too many tales of woe.

The key to successful airline travel with guns is all in the preparation. Researching what is acceptable for TSA and your airline is the first step. If you are traveling to a new destination, contact your fellow shooters or hunters to see if they have checked in at the airports you are flying from. Some airports, including Hartsfield International in Atlanta, have a specific TSA drop-off for those traveling with firearms. At other airports, be prepared to lose sight and control of your luggage. I have watched my luggage disappear with the instructions, “Wait over there for 15 minutes. If we don’t call you, then you are all set to go through security to your gate.”

To see the rest of Julies tips for travel, see her article at Womens Outdoor News. For additional information about TSA Regluations in regards to travel with firearms, CLICK HERE. I have also found to be an invaluable reference site for laws in the state of your intended travel and those along the way if your driving.  

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Thanks, Bob, for the shout-out regarding the extraordinaire shooter Julie Golob. Watch for her next blog, a follow-up to flying with guns -- internationally! Thanks for reading The WON and for supporting women in the outdoors.

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