Gay Conservatives Feel Welcome in Tea Party Movement

Tea party groups have been labeled by the left as “racist and homophobic.”

The “racists” charges have been answered many times by African-Americans within the tea party movement, such as Lloyd Marcus, Kevin Jackson and Apostle Claver.

So what about those “homophobic” allegations?

My friends at Gay Patriot, an award-winning conservative gay blog, had these reports yesterday after the Tea Party rally in Boston:

Gay Patriot:

“More comfortable being gay at a tea party rally… than coming out conservative in the gay community."

 So reports one of our readers from a Tea Party in Boston:

"Great crowd, everyone reacted positively. They wanted to take photos and gave me thumbs up. Some asked how I felt about being there. My most frequent response was I feel better coming out gay here today with the tea party people than coming out conservative in my gay community. Tried to turn the crowd away from the alinsky provocateurs, they were all there with the racist mispelled signs, so sad they were so young."

Other Gay Patriot’s readers are going to tea parties in the Rocky Mountains and  San Francisco!

Oh, if you are a homophobic, socialist, racist liberal — please do not attend. Your hatred of your fellow Americans who believe in the Constitution is not welcome.


Please don't tell my granddaughter about an aspect of your life that should be a *private matter.*

Conservatives will fight for your life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness, regardless of whether we agree agree with you or support every choice and action you make.  However, protecting your privacy requires a modicum of personal responsibility on your part.

You are most welcome to join us in our public demonstrations in support of our conservative movement, but I don't want to know what you do *in private.*  This isn't hatred.  I simply do not want to explain the birds and the bees, etc., to a nine year old at a public Tea Party rally.

What you do *in the privacy of your own home* is not your entire identity, it is not who you are.  You demonstrate that fact by claiming to be conservative. You are a human being, endowed by the Creator with unalienable rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. You're someone's child, someone's co-worker and our fellow patriot. I hope you see the richness of your life beyond one aspect.

Beverly B. Nuckols is a perfect example of why Tea Party is mosly homophobic. Tea Party members are also more likely to support human rights violations for gay people (eg: more likely to oppose same sex marriage). Being gay is not just having sex. If you can explain your 9 year old why a man and a woman is married, you can explain them why two guys are together. I'm sure this will be deleted...

It's easy to explain the happy family in terms of mother, father, children.

It's easy to agree with her that it's sad when kids don't live with their mother and father. It's easy to agree that it's hard when mom and dad have each had other kids with other people and there are step-moms, people who used to be step-moms or -dads, but aren't any more, and boys and girls who thought they were brothers and sisters until the split. Sure, I can extrapolate the sadness and trouble with keeping families together to same-sex couples.

However, none of the divorced, living together, or adulterous heterosexuals are telling everyone about their sex life.

I'm not gay, nor am I against the rights of gays. I also do support the message of the Tea Party group. However whenever someone within it says something exclusive about gays, or how much they are against their lifestyle, or oppose marriage... It just gives the group a poor image. It also makes it easier for the left-wing nut jobs to pick you apart.

There are a lot of gay people out there, who aren't all left-wing nut jobs. Many of them are serving in the military protecting the rights and freedoms we have too. Many of them do not support the expansion of government, or what this congress, and administration are doing.

So when stuff is said, that can kind of push these Americans away.. It only damages the cause. The more I see other races, and gays support the Tea Party movement. The more it shows that the left does not own them, and it makes their accusations of those who are more conservative being racist, or hateful.. More along the lines of BS. I also have more respect for gays, and other races who do come out and support the movement.. Because they have to deal with all of the hateful insults from those who claim to be so tolerant, and excepting... Don't push these people away!

Being gay, does not mean you're a liberal..

Beverly, if a 9-year-old asks you why two women or two men are together, you just say, "because they love each other and plan on spending the rest of their lives together."  Period.  No need to discuss what they do in the bedroom any more than you discuss what any two people - gay or straight - do in the bedroom.  Simple enough?

The Tea Party is about fiscal conservatism - lowering debt, reducing taxes, cutting back wasteful spending.  I agree with all these principles - and I'm also a gay man who wants to be treated with equality and respect by our government.  If you're looking for a bigoted party that wants to fight against same-sex marriage, keep gays out of the military, and find other ways to discriminate against people they don't like (or more likely, don't even know personally), then you can always leave the Tea Party and go back to the old Republican Party. 

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