Glorifying God at the Republican Party of Texas Convention

As a Christian and a Republican, I believe my faith should be integrated with my politics. Looking forward to attending the State Republican Convention as a delegate, I want to base my opinions first and foremost on the solid foundation of God's Word. I know there will be disagreements on some issues, but I hope our discussions will be carried out in a respectful manner. As for me, I seek to speak and act in a way that glorifies God.

"Not to us, O Lord, not to us but to your name be the glory..." (Psalm 115:1).


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Jews learned long ago about governments guided by so-called (aka, abused) religious principles.

Let me ask all of you good people- what if Muslims one day became a strong majority in the USA, and they wanted to impose Sharia law on the country? How would you folks feel about that?

I don't think you'd be heel-clicking to the same tune, pardners.

There is something called the "Establishment" clause. Meaning that the United States is constitutionally prohibited from establishing an official religion.

With that said, God bless.

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