Goose Egg on the President's Conditions

Remember last year when the health care drive was being whipped up and the president was preaching his justifications and objectives for reform? Let’s look at those:

  1. Universal Access – This one they don’t even dispute. 20 million people will be left uncovered..unless they aren’t telling the truth about funding people without a plan. Surely not!
  2. Lower cost/Affordability – Do you think costs are really going to go down? If you do, you’re dreaming. Democratic Senator Durbin of Illinois admitted that anyone who said health care premiums would go down, probably isn’t telling the truth. Now, Durbin did say that they hoped to slow the curve of rising cost. Can you name a government program in history, let alone one of this unprecedented scope and control, that saved money? Me, neither.
  3. Deficit neutral – All the talk of liberals supporting this bill is that the CBO’s scoring (really called a preliminary estimate) is that it will save 130 billion dollars over the first ten years and over a trillion in the second ten years. Of course, the CBO assumes the numbers given in the language of the legislation. These were contrived by coupling ten years of revenue with six years of services, and on the assumption that tax increases will produce the projected revenue, which they never did. Strangely, liberals never get the hang of this. Legislation, especially when it involves taxes and mandates, changes behavior and production. This one is really simple: I would bet anyone, any amount that these projections will not be near accurate and deficits will spiral: just one more among many reasons why currency printing presses will continue to spin, probably faster, and what money remains after health care costs are paid will be worth a small fraction of what the equivalent amount is now. Oh, and by the way, rationing will arrive very quickly.

So, the president’s conditions look to me like a big 0-fer. So, why are they fighting so frantically to push this thing through by hook or by crook? That one isn’t difficult, either. You see, there is a greater objective which is really more important than the other three. What is achieved is that government seizes control of defining and directing the health care product for every single American. In that regard, it is an unqualified success without which they would even make an effort.


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