Government Shutdown Not A Bad Idea: Just explain to the people what to expect

Dear Conservative Republican Members of the U.S.House and Senate,

Republicans need to hold a press conference and explain to the public what a government shutdown would do. Letting the media scare the public about the unknown consequences is working against you and for the Democrats!

Tell us now:

Would Social Security, Medicare, Military spending be affected?

Would government employees pay be withheld? (A good thing)

Can anything be done to force the Senate to reduce spending if the government shuts down? If not, an explanation should be given as to what comes after a shutdown.

Just merely saying a shutdown should or should not occur without the details is not satisfactory.

Speaker Boehner is waffling all over the place and is scared of a shutdown which pleases Obama, Reid and the Democrats.

Are you planning to wait until Obama is ousted before taking meaningful action?

If so, you will be enabling his re-election and we will be stuck with Obamacare and the ever-increasing multi-trillion dollar deficit into the irrevocable future! That will bring to an end our individual liberty protected under our original constitution.

Stand up and speak out!! Strong ,fearless leadership is badly needed!

With respect,

Shirley Spellerberg

Denton County Texas Conservative Republican Activist and Tea Party member


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