2015 Going to 2016

It is about one hour from midnight as I write and as we reflect upon 2015, the best I can say is: It could have been worse.

As 2016 approaches, we have Donald Trump leading the Republicans as he leads the new radical middle and we are finding out that Republican tradition of rewarding the nomination to the “more experience” longest has been totally rejected as the average Republican has said enough of this; I am mad as hell and I am not going to take it. Who’s better taking advantage of this than the Reality shows biggest Star than Donald Trump? We have a populist from the heart of Manhattan who is very, very, very rich but somehow has managed to convince the average American that he actually cares. (For those who for years wanted a candidate from the center, they got one in Donald Trump. So the next time someone who states they don’t want an ideologue for a candidate, they have their guy in Trump and many of those moderates are still complaining.)

As for the Democrats, they seem perfectly satisfied to nominate a habitual lying corrupt politician in Hillary Clinton. Hillary will run as it is time for a woman president, but how many women’s lives has she helped destroy while defending her husband's sexual affairs, including alleged sexual assaults? Could our politics get any worse where it appears the best are not rising to the top?

Once again, climate alarmists are predicating the end of the world, and after emitting enough CO2 to fly to Paris to discuss the end of the world, the world leaders come to an agreement that will take money from the poor in the richer nations and transfer it to the rich of the poorer nations. Even alarmists admit that their solutions won’t do a damn thing about our “climate change” which leaves one to ask the question: so why are we willing to ruin our economy if this is an exercise in futility? The answer has nothing to do with saving the planet but finding another reason to expand our government. As MIT scholar Richard Lindzen noted, control CO2 emission and you control life. This is about imposing socialism on the rest of us and repeat, not saving the planet; especially since the solutions will not save the planet by the alarmists' own admissions!

Meanwhile, we had mild December weather in the Midwest and Northeast throughout much of late November and December, and the alarmists view this as the coming Apocalypse. For those of us who are used to subfreezing temperatures and digging out the first winter snowstorms, this was relief, but leave it to the alarmists to be the killjoys. But good news for the alarmists, I returned from quite the mild New York Christmas to subfreezing temperatures and snowstorms in Iowa. So the world has been saved as we freeze. There is no explaining the logic in all of this!

The good news is that in 2015, the poverty rate for the world has dropped to 10% as millions have escaped poverty to move into the middle class, a decline of threefold over the past four decades. As nations around the world moved to liberalize their economic policies, prosperity spread throughout society, and the question that remains is will the ruling class allow the market economy to  spread even further, or will they find a way to stop progress? Like declaring war on fossil fuels, is there an integral reason for this progress? Human ingenuity when unleashed can provide new wealth and lift millions out of poverty.

Then finally, we saw close up of the planet Pluto and realized that humans are still looking to the stars and that our curiosity can’t be killed by government and bureaucrats. A whole universe awaits us.


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