2016 - The Documentary Every American Should See

When I first heard of “2016: Obama’s America,” I was pretty skeptical. I was afraid this was just going to be another movie bashing President Obama. I would not say I’m a defender of the President; in fact, I have been pretty frustrated with his poor performance and it was this frustration that I was afraid of seeing in the movie. However, during the 2012 Republican National Convention I had the chance to see the movie and I was completely won over!

Much to my surprise, I found that “2016” was a documentary full of interesting information resulting from Dinesh D’Souza’s inquiry into President Obama’s history and how this formed his ideology. The movie’s tagline: “Love him. Hate him. You don’t know him.” perfectly describes my feelings after seeing it and also why I believe all Americans should see it. Regardless of your personal feelings of Barack Obama the man, it is never wrong to question the background and beliefs of presidential candidates. We failed to adequately question him then, but with “2016” we have the perfect opportunity to educate more voters as to why Barack Obama is the wrong President if we want America to prosper.

During the 2012 RNC, I had the opportunity to speak with Doug Sain, one of the producers of this film. This documentary has been more successful than most had imagined, something Doug Sain attributed to the fact that there are so many Americans who “are still trying to understand this president...what drives him?” It is precisely because of this “big question mark” that the movie was made, and why it has seen so much success. As of Monday, August 27, “2016” was showing on 1100 screens in all fifty states, not including the addition of 500 more screens by the next weekend. Yet despite this success, Doug Sain repeatedly stressed that what is needed is more advertising, which of course requires donations from those who share their belief that Americans have much to learn about President Obama.

Never has a movie taken off with so much grassroots support, and it is incumbent upon us who are worried about the future of our country to get more voters to see the film. We can do this either by donating or by doing what we do best: contacting our neighbors, but this time we need to make sure they get to the movie theaters before they get to the voting booth!



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I saw the movie. It brings up all of the old nonsense that was brought out in '08 just with fancier language, a big pretty movie screen, and more lies. I think what americans are afraid of, especially white americans, is that obama is going to take their pretty little america away, and give it to...well i don't know who, d'souza didn't go into all that. but he implies so many questionable things, that when you go back and double check his 'facts', nothing has changed since his book, or the '08 campaign. He's still lying, he's still part of the ultra conservative right, and this movie is still funded by a Mormon. You can string conjecture together to make it look like the truth, but it's still lies. I don't deny that Obama and his administrations lies as well on many points, which makes me angry. But really conservative christians, is the way to fight lies, to propagate MORE LIES!? would our lord and savior be please with that?? I KNOW he would not. The bible tells to be workman that needeth not to be ashamed rightly dividing the word of TRUTH. And it is shameful what D'souza and Gerald Molen are doing. This is why this has been labeled a MOVIE and not a DOCUMENTARY. It contains too many lies to be considered an objective knowledge building piece.

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