35 year USPS employee called a “Terrorist”

If you work for a government entity, you are being paid to look the other way. Don’t dare expose what’s really happening in a government entity, or you will be railroaded.

When a person is hired by a government entity, the government expects more loyalty than La Cosa Nostra…the Mafia.

But under various constraints, the USPS might be looking for any reason to let people go. This video discusses more changes at the USPS:

Thomas Purviance, a longtime USPS employee in St. Louis complained about a potential safety hazard in one of the agency’s facilities, and according to a recently filed lawsuit, his managers at the USPS responded by accusing him of being a terrorist.

Purviance reported what he believed to be a carbon monoxide leak to his supervisor at the USPS who did nothing. So Purviance called 911.

Let the fun begin.

The Labor Department is suing the USPS on behalf of Purviance, claiming that the USPS retaliated against Purviance. Retaliation against a “whistleblower” violates the Occupational Safety and Health Act, as employees are permitted to contact the authorities when they feel they have unsafe working conditions.

According to the suit:

“When the 9-1-1-dispatched response arrived at the [Network Distribution Center], USPS managers immediately characterized Mr. Purviance to the responders as a ‘disgruntled employee,’ said that they suspected Mr. Purviance of making a false report, and that they suspected Mr. Purviance of being a threat to sabotage the NDC building, despite the lack of any factual basis for the allegation that Mr. Purviance was a threat in any way.”

More fun was on the way, as according to the suit, the USPS called Purviance

A drug user, dangerous, unstable and a ‘terrorist,’ and tried to get him put in jail.

It gets better, as in April 2010, Purviance was indeed arrested and charged with making a terrorist threat and filing a false report.

He spent 18 hours in jail before making bail, and the USPS then tried to have Purviance fired.

I want to remind you that this is a 35-year employee of the USPS getting this treatment. And you wonder why people are afraid to talk when government is involved.

The USPS comment:

“The U.S. Postal Service cares very much about our employees and we always place employee safety as a top priority. As this matter is the subject of ongoing litigation, we are unable to comment further.”

That’s not Phil Collins “Groovy Kind of Love!”


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