Adryana Boyne San Antonio Tea Party Speech: "I Have an American Dream" (VIDEO)

Adryana Boyne, National Director of VOCES and VOCES Action political commentator, political consultant, and TexasGOPVote blogger, gave the keynote address at the San Antonio Tea Partys April 17th event held at Pedrottis North Wind Ranch of San Antonio. George Rodriguez was sworn in as President of the San Antonio Tea Party during this event.

Before Adryana began her speech she recognized Mrs. Susana Statham, wife of US Army Major Marc Statham. Mrs. Statham recently became a US citizen. The audience stood and gave an ovation to Mrs. Statham.

Adryana Boyne discussed what it means to be an American and what her dreams for America are.

The people who attended the San Antonio Tea Party enjoyed Adryanas speech on the American Dream so much that some even asked her to move to San Antonio and run for Mayor of the city!

Below is a video of Adryanas speech as well as the transcript. Additionally, attendees gave very positive reactions after the event for TexasGOPVote.  

Transcript of Speech:

Congratulations on the swearing in of George Rodriguez as President of the San Antonio Tea Party. And thank you for your hard work for the conservative cause. You all are making a difference.

The United States of America is the land of “dreams come true.” Our history is filled with individuals who worked hard, saved their earnings, took risks and received the reward for their efforts. We are the land where the poor can become rich – the land of opportunity. People from all over the world have come to our shores in search of the great American dream: some to escape tyranny and find freedom, others to pursue economic advancement, believing the United States to be a country that rewards hard work and honesty.

Sadly, Americans are finding their dreams crushed by big government, out of control spending, oppressive regulations, and an enormous national debt generated by the misguided notion that people need big government to control their lives.

I have the hope that the American dream can be recovered but we must work hard to dispel the myths promoted by liberal media and liberal politicians. We won a huge victory in the 2010 elections, making history by electing conservatives such as Congressman Francisco “Quico” Canseco in District 23. Thanks to your support he was elected and we need to continue supporting him.

And thanks to the TEA Party and concerned Americans like you all over this great nation, we have taken the heavy foot off the accelerator of government spending. We still have a long way to go but considering the fierce opposition of the liberal run Senate and the threat of a presidential veto, history was made by reversing the trend.

2012 offers new opportunities and challenges to put conservatives in the 4 new congressional seats here in Texas. We have the opportunity to elect solid conservatives for congress, conservatives like business owner and former Mayor Dianne Costa, originally from San Antonio, but now in North Texas, who made Highland Village the safest city in Texas while emphasizing pro-business ordinances.

The next step is the 2012 budget, another battle. Congressman Paul Ryan’s proposed budget is a courageous but reasonable proposal that begins to apply the brakes on government spending. Progressives want us to bicker and complain among ourselves. They want us to give up, saying “Our representatives did too little. They caved in to the liberals. It doesn’t matter what we do.” Don’t fall into this trap.

We must unite in recapturing the American dream. We must unite to keep and elect more conservative congressmen .We must unite so that we can win the Senate and the presidency in 2012. Then we can see some real “change you can believe in.”

I have an American dream that America will be restored to the American people, where elected officials will act for the best of America, where politicians respect the wishes of all Americans rather than try to buy votes through pork barrel spending and big government bureaucracy.

I have an American dream that big government will go on a diet and become smaller, saving the American people their hard earned money. We don’t need big government to run our lives. We don’t need Obamacare to lead us down the dead end path of socialized medicine. The American dream does not include big government!

I have an American dream that America will return to following the Constitution, recognizing that the American founders put limits on the federal government to avoid the tyranny of over extending government, violating the rights of states and individuals.

I have an American dream that we will return to a free market economy where businesses are free to succeed and fail without big government intervention, where burdensome regulations are limited, and where honest tax payers are free to work.

I have an American dream that we will obtain energy independence, allowing American companies to drill for oil and gas on American territory.

I have an American dream that America continues to be a country where hard working, law-abiding immigrants continue to embrace our country as their own. When I became a US citizen, I took an oath and that oath said that, "I renounce all allegiance to any foreign power, that I will support and defend the Constitution and laws of the United States of America against all enemies, foreign and domestic” – that is what Americans do!

I have an American dream that America will have a fair tax system, which does not kill jobs through high taxes, where loopholes are eliminated, where everyone contributes their fair share.

I have an American Dream that someday all Americans, including unborn children, will have the right to life!

I have an American Dream that we will have leaders who recognize America as an exceptional country, where our president is proud of America rather than apologetic of our great country, where our leaders recognize that American is great because of our conservative values like our respect for life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

To have our American dream, we must continue to grow our ranks. There are a lot of conservatives who are not voting their values. We need to reach out and inform these “hidden” conservatives. There are Americans from all backgrounds. We need to encourage each other to be informed so we can make a real difference when we go to the polls and support and vote for those who represent our values. Most Hispanics are conservative but they need to be informed and challenged to vote their values. VOCES Action has the mission of educating & empowering Hispanics about conservative fiscal and moral values. Other organizations and people are doing similar things.

Without a doubt the Tea Party has impacted American politics. You have become a voice for Americans who care about America. But you must continue to make your voice heard. Do not stop!

Working together, with God’s help, we can recapture the values that made America great. We will face opposition but united we can put America back on the path of prosperity.

United with conservatives from all over America, we can bring back the American dream!

Watch the reactions in the video below following the speech.



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This lady is a great inspiration for many! The American Dream is exactly what she describes. She said "we must continue to grow our ranks."  That is exactly what we need to do. Is the Republican Party aware that we need more Conservative minorities in the party? - We need people like Adryana Boyne running for office. I understand that she was asked to run for Mayor of San Antonio. It would be a great position for her, but has someone asked her to run for US Congress?-This is the woman that we need!


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