Politics in Texas just got hot with the election of an aggressive Republican State Chairman. Celebrity new comer from Florida Allen West unseated Chairman James Dickey in the early hours of the Texas State Virtual Convention on July 20, 2020. The in-person state convention had been denied by the Democrat Houston officials a few days earlier, forcing the virtual convention.

Apparently the Texas Delegates thought it was time for a change and voted West to be the next Texas Chairman. His approach is definitely going to be different. His immediate plans as expressed in a live streaming video on July 17, 2020 is to have three debates with the Texas State Democratic Chairman. He mentioned that he will be traveling to the valley to visit with the Hispanic community. While there he plans to visit with the families of the two officers slain in McAllen on July 11.

West had spent most of his campaigning painting a Utopian Texas victory. He hammered in the fact that in the 2018 Election, Texas lost 12 seats in the Texas House, two seats in the Texas Senate and 19 incumbent Republican appellate judges. He blamed Dickey for the losses.

Texas Republican delegates voted him in to regain the lost seats from 2018. His rhetoric on regaining the losses and delivering results are expected by Texas Republicans because results matter.

Dickey made a valiant effort to regain his lead in the race, but the apparent technological chaos of the virtual convention was impossible for him to overcome. Many of the delegates were left out of the voting process because they were unable to log in. What seemed unimaginable happened late in the session as the ability to vote ‘meeting pulse’ crashed, further delaying the proceedings. In spite of all this turmoil and his apparent exhaustion Dickey remained calm throughout the ordeal. One day Dickey will be considered a trendsetter for using virtual conventions and as the pioneer of what future conventions could look like.

It was a late, challenging night Sunday and into Monday morning as the delegates became restless and wanted to finish the voting process. A couple of Senate Districts adjourned at 4:00am. By the time Senate District 25 voted for the chairman’s position at 3:34am, West had already declared victory and by 3:47am his thanks to his supporters was received by email. Dickey followed with his concession email at 4:15 am.

Chairman Allen West acceptance email:
Thank you all for your support, prayers and vote!

James Dickey’s concession email:
“It has been an incredible time as Chairman of the Republican Party of Texas. I am so grateful to the amazing supporters who rallied around my campaign. We have accomplished remarkable, record-breaking achievements - 120,000 plus new likely Republican voters registered, more than 60 field staff in the field right now, over $8 million dollars raised, a Victory Chair earlier than ever before, a Candidate Recruitment Task Force that filled up down-ballot races across the state, 49 platform planks became real legislation, thousands of new volunteers to the Party and a jump start for November with nearly 1300 races won because of our work a year and a half ago. I love the Republican Party and all of the grassroots Republicans who make us great. We are truly a bottom-up Party here in Texas, written in our rules to be that way, allowing our voices to be truly representative of those who make our Party great. I wish Lt. Col. West the very best in this role. Thank you for the honor of serving as your Chair. Let's win in November. May God bless you and may God bless Texas.”

Good Luck to the new Texas Republican Chairman, Allen West and God speed James Dickey!


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