Allen West Wants a 'Movement' like Socialist AOC is Doing in New York, in Texas

While Chairman James Dickey is working diligently to hold the first on-line Republican State Convention so that the business of the party can be completed and President Donald Trump can be reelected, celebrity Allen West who has spent zero time on Republican Party business has been whining to the media.. 
In an article by the Texas Tribune dated July 16, West is quoted as saying, “It’s not just about raising money, it’s not just about saying how many people did we go out and get to register to vote,” West added, in a thinly veiled dig at Dickey’s benchmarks. “It’s about creating a movement.”
Chairman Dickey has proven to be an incredible leader showing grace in his temperament under tremendous pressure during this transition from an in-person convention to a virtual convention.  In his role as the Republican Party chair he has out raised other Republican Party chairmen and has registered over 100K new Republican voters and that is what West is mocking.   
Texas doesn’t need a new ‘movement’ because the movement we already have is electing Republicans to office. What delegates need to understand is that West is not in tune with Texas or the grassroots.  He has no idea since he is still talking about national issues on his videos.  What West has managed to do is divide the Texas delegation when he should be uniting in order to win in November. 
West is promising that immediately after he is elected to the chairmanship he will set up three debates with the Texas Democrat chairman.  Is he going to message to the other side that life begins at 18 days, instead of at fertilization? 
It should be of interest to conservatives that using the word ‘movement’ is a Democrat tactic.  Socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez uses the word ‘movement’ to mean change the culture.

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