America Is Great and Will Be Greater, Without Trump 

America is one of the greatest countries in history and in the world.  Let’s remember that.  Anyone stating otherwise is selling us a lie.  Anyone running a campaign on a slogan that tells us that it needs to be Great Again, is feeding us fears to fuel our insecurities as a nation.  The Obama Administration has fed us the “hope and change” lie and has left a nation so desperate and angry that they will believe any salesman selling snake oil or a slogan of Make America Great Again, and it’s simply not true. America is Great, but after these exhausting 8 years, we need a leader who can unify us and Trump is not that person. 

Trump would bring instability to America because that is what he personifies.  These past 8 years have taught us all that when we place an inexperienced person to lead a superpower, we produce a weak nation.  If we were to place an unstable narcissist man to be President, then we will never unify our country, let alone make America great again, but we will manage to feed the ego of a maniac.

These past 8 years have demonstrated how much damage a President’s unfamiliarity with foreign policy and inability to work with Congress can cause a nation recovering from economic deprivation and identity crises. The overwhelming influx of foreign investment and the creation of new citizenry has brought this nation prosperity, but it has also created a xenophobia against immigrants.  A nation of immigrants has reached its limits on the tolerance of immigrants, how ironic.   

In my own state of Texas, if we were to implement Mr. Trump’s plan to deport hardworking immigrants, it would destroy the state’s economy. About 9.5% of our official state labor force is made up of undocumented workers who have helped make Texas “a job-creation machine.” And most of these workers have lived in my state for more than ten years. Texas enjoys the lucrative exportation drive from its neighbor and friend Mexico. Approximately 44% of all NAFTA goods come through Texas, from Mexico, generating about 1.6 million jobs alone in Texas. The prosperity in Texas doesn’t ask for the legality of the workers, but exists because the undocumented population will do the arduous labor that many legal workers refuse to do. As a result, Mr. Trump’s phobic and preposterous idea to deport millions of hardworking people and build a “great wall” are pure lies that would devastate the economic strength of Texas. It will also further target Mexican immigrants and our neighbor to the south while perpetuating the lie that Mexico, Mexican immigrants, U.S. Citizens of Mexican ancestry, and free trade are the source of our problems. This targets the weak, and oftentimes the innocent, while leaving the politicians immune against their irresponsibility and failure to our nation. I am a strong supporter of freedom and free trade. Therefore, Trump’s views are an anathema and contrary to everything that I defend and love about being a conservative and an American.      

If we are disappointed and ashamed at how America has been a laughing stock to the world, how our political system is in shambles because of our irresponsible politicians, how our checks and balances are withering away to oblivion by our own leaders, and how our Constitution has slowly lost its importance, then we should note that that these past 8 years have been a preamble of what is to come should someone like Trump be elected as President of the United States.  America is great, but to outsiders, the perception is that we cannot manage to elect a true leader who is a defender of freedom and proud of America.  

The Constitution is still the supreme law of our land, we must remember that we are the land of the free and the home of the brave. We are a country that welcomes immigrants.  And by his own words, Mr. Trump could be the greatest threat to our Constitution since his authoritarian, and often juvenile, knee-jerk temperament attacks our US Citizen born judges and Governors and make him unfit to be our commander-in-chief.   

The United States is about freedom. Our symbols of freedom that remind of us of our great nation, whether they are the anthem or flag, or our Declaration of Independence and Constitution, have resonated to the world that it is a country that was formed as the antitheses of a concentrated power that could become corrupt.  The United States, and its democracy, have been a symbol to the world of how its citizenry can control its government with a single vote.  The Founders of this great nation believed that The Executive, the Congress, and the Courts would be the dams to hold the tide of a country, and despite changes around the world and their economies, America would show resilience and tenacity when protecting our freedoms enumerated in the Constitution, against all enemies at home and abroad.    

In 1776, the newly created America showed the world that it could release the grip of a Monarchy, so that as a country America would never have itself wrapped around the devilish functions of a dictator. But in these past 8 years we have come to erode those dams that have held this country together, and an emerging leader is telling us that these 3 bodies of government are insignificant to making America great again, and that he is the only one who can save us.  We should not believe him, after all he didn’t build and make America great, it’s hardworking citizens did that.    

Polls show that those Americans who strongly support Trump have financial problems and have little if any education. These American brothers and sisters, are feeling the weight of losing their jobs and homes and oftentimes, their future to an economy that is entering a globalization and free trade evolution. Their fears are real, but trusting someone whose motto is to blame other Americans who are immigrants and neighboring countries, shows a diabolical and tactless person who is not fit to be President of the United States.

The rise of animosity toward immigrants in this country of protestors against a growing federal government, the fear among us after 9/11, have been catalysts to new politicians who play on the fears of Americans.  And yet, America continues to be great because our Constitution exists and it is there to remind us of those freedoms we so proudly have come to love and pledge to, One Nation under God with Liberty and Justice for All.   

Americans are victorious when we uphold our ideals, those Bill of Rights that allow us to protest, own guns, build our wealth even if we were born poor, these are ideally the ingredients of the American Dream.  As conservatives, we often argue that the conditions of your birth should not determine the outcome of your life. We believe that the color of your skin should not limit your achievements in this country. I will add that one’s ancestry should not be a reason to restrict you from presiding over a case or being a Governor in the United States. As conservatives, we believe in meritorious achievements, let’s remember that and let us not act impulsively and believe the angry lying rhetoric that seeks to divide us.  

The Executive Power has grown and has been usurped by our current President.  Under Trump, we run the risk of having it encroach into our Congress and our Courts.  Trump would expand it to help himself, not America. Placing this important power in the hands of an egomaniac could forever change the benefits of our freedoms. Trump would use litigation and threats, much like he has used the bankruptcy laws of this country to benefit himself, not his companies, not his employees, just himself.  Trump is more akin to a spoiled child who bribes people into believing in him by showing off things that he owns and bear his name.  

Trump doesn’t care that the majority of immigrants who have come to this country to create jobs and achieve their prosperity under the idea of our American Dream. These people have worked endless hours in their small businesses, have saved their wages simply to buy a home and educate their children so that they might enjoy a better life in America. Trump simply doesn’t understand what that means because he has never had to struggle among the middle class and the working class of America.  So he therefore has no right to tell us that he understands our plights and struggles.

The leading candidate for the GOP has two civil law suits against him for fraud, where he told people that he would make their earnings HUGE and he would make them better than they were, sound familiar?  These hard working people paid Trump an enormous amount of money only to be defrauded by this con man who offered them HOPE, sound familiar?  It is the same message that was offered to us 8 years ago under Change and Hope theory; Trump offers us the same thing with his slogan of Make America Great Again, except this man does it with hate.  Hope and Change, and Make America Great Again, sound the same, by two people who have asked us to trust them to lead us out of temptation and into a new and wonderful America.  We must do better this time around in electing a man with empty and deceitful promises.   

Trump’s disdain for Mexicans whether they are US citizens, federal judges, or governors of a state in the US, is abhorrently apparent in his comments.  He has contempt for a population that stands to be the majority of the US in the next few years, and perhaps this is what frightens him the most.  The fact that he and others like him will become a minority in a country where they once held power for many years.  Trump fears being obsolete so he talks about Mexicans being rapists, drug dealers, and criminals because in his mind this is what he believes most American citizens who have Mexican ancestry are, and he wants the rest of America to believe like he does. My Mexican friends who support him are not special to Trump. He will take your money, smile, and shake your hand, but in the back of his mind he will wonder which one are you, the rapist or drug dealer, because a man like Trump must believe in the worst of people and make them believe it in order to prey upon their fears.

Mr. Trump wants us to believe that in order to make America great again, we must rid ourselves of a group of people that he compares to a bad idea of America, namely Mexicans. But in order to make America great again, something must have made it bad and Trump directs that malady toward Mexicans to make his case.  Time will tell whether it is wise for the GOP to back such a malicious message. 

This is America where we are all free to choose our leaders.  Some of us who do not back Trump are conservatives who love America.  We choose to remember that America is great and continues to be great because of us, the people who live and work to make it great.  Regardless of how much the politicians feed into our fears, we must not forget that America is a success because of the people who create it, the poor, wealthy, educated, innovators, fearless, religious people who have weathered the economic depression, recessions, and wars. 

America is great because it still holds the beautiful idea of the American Dream and the people who dared to risk everything to seek it. The same people we once called immigrants. America is great because of those freedoms that have protected our ability to believe that we are free to pursue happiness at all levels, poor and wealthy.

So yes, Mr. Trump America is Great and will continue to be great without you as our President.    


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