An American Shared Dictatorship?

Everyone, well almost everyone, is fed up with the disgusting and embarrassing leadership we have in congress today.  We’re told, “We just need to take over the House.”  Then we need all three of our government’s leadership parts to get anything done.  The Left are obstructionists.  The Right are incompetent.  Well?  What seems to be the problem?

The answer is, we are not operating the way we were intended to operate.  In fact, we are in this writer’s opinion, experiencing a shared dictatorship — we’re being led down a very dark alley.  And anyone who is paying attention should see it will not lead us to a happy ending given our direction.

The following short video is an interview of a movie producer — Matt Whitworth — done by Glenn Beck.  Matt will be releasing a movie about ‘The Swamp’.  This is a short interview, but very enlightening.  Please watch it and share it with your friends (at least).

Matt Whitworth Interview

This really shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone, but at least we’ll be able to actually see interviews of sitting congressmen who are being candid.  Now it’s back to that issue of that dark alley.  Just exactly where are we going?


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