Is American Society Rigged To Benefit The Left?

Gary Bauer, head of American Values, recently laid out why the systems in America are rigged to benefit the left. This is really scary:

"The reality is that many Americans have believed for years that the entire system - the culture, popular entertainment, the educational establishment, sports and, yes, the political system - is rigged against conservatives."

"There is no conservative viewpoint being presented on college campuses. Our colleges long ago ceased to be institutions of higher learning. They are now cesspools of left-wing indoctrination. You can count on one hand the number of prominent conservative colleges.

"The 1619 Project wins Pulitzer's for its lies, while the left tears down statutes of our heroes like George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and Abraham Lincoln.

"The left is even weaponizing pronouns and forcing people to lie.

"We're told the judicial system is inherently racist. I don't believe that, but I do believe it is inherently left-wing. For example, Hillary Clinton violates national security and gets off scot free. Gen. Michael Flynn makes a phone call and almost ends up in jail.

"Every day thousands of police officers have interactions with criminals and it never makes news. Very rarely those interactions result in an officer dying or an individual dying.

"If it's the latter, we will often know the name of the individual within minutes as social media transforms the individual into a martyr. But if an officer dies, his name will be forgotten before the day is over, and his family will grieve alone.

"Speaking of social media, Big Tech executives and their employees give more than 90% of their political donations to the left. But that's not all.

"They also censor conservatives and suppress news that would be damaging to the left. Thus, Hunter Biden's scandals were hidden from many Americans.

"After the election, when Hunter finally admits that he's under investigation and there's some reporting on the story, it turns out that one in six Biden voters would have changed their votes if only they had known what the media hid from them.

"Yes, Big Tech and Big Media did their best to "fix" the election.

"The number of sports writers who get up in the morning wondering why a controversial subpar athlete like Colin Kaepernick doesn't have a fat contract is astonishing. But let a sports writer express a conservative opinion and they will be out of a job in 24 hours.

"When the pandemic hit, your church was closed but the abortion clinic was left open. Left-wing protests were welcomed, but Christmas gatherings were cancelled.

"Quick: Think of any primetime television comedy or drama starring a prominent Christian or conservative who is featured as an admired figure in the show. I suspect you're struggling with that one.

"Meanwhile, virtually every TV show features a variety of left-wing characters who are always portrayed as noble, decent and good who are often being persecuted by conservatives."


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