America's Biggest Threat - Socialism

The socialist movement is not a recent phenomena.  It has, in fact, been gaining ground over several decades of constant ‘pushing’ by the Left.  One of the many early proponents of socialism in America was Norman Thomas (1884-1968), a Christian minister.  Because he was a staunch pacifist, he disassociated himself from Stalin’s communism and Hitler’s fascism — both being warmongers.  However, he was without a doubt an anti-capitalist for sure.  He made the implementation of socialism in America his life’s work.  The following quote is taken from an article in the New York times only four years before his death.

“Although he speaks often of Marxism, Mr. Thomas’s socialism is regarded by many as more Christian liberal than Marxist. And it goes without saying that many of his unpopular “socialist” proposals of the early years have since been incorporated into the legal and social structure of the nation.” — New York Times, 1964

The following Ronald Reagan speech audio is from the U.S. archives and was originally recorded in 1961.  He mentions a quote by Mr. Thomas in that speech that is remarkable prophetic.  It’s too bad we didn’t listen then, and no surprise that we won’t listen now.  ‘Common sense’ was something familiar to most back then.  There’s nothing common about it today.

Their objective is to bring on a ‘new’ way of life for us, a utopia of sorts.  Yet, today we see (occasionally) commentary on the new socialist Venezuela and their starving people.  Is that what we want for our children? I would think not.

The following links are included for those who want to become more familiar with this topic and the organizations fighting to destroy our current way of life.

Democratic Socialists of America Is a Communist Organization —  An excellent article on the DSA and their objectives.

The DSA — Who are we and what do we do?  Please watch the video on the top of the first page.

Young Democratic Socialists of America — Even Hitler learned that young adults, sometimes children, make ‘good soldiers’ in the fight for his movement.

Our Revolution — An organization devoted to the destruction of our way of life in America.

St. Edwards University Facebook page — And if you think you’re devoid of this nonsense in Texas, you are mistaken.

Communist Party USA — An organization that has been around for decades here in the U.S.

The number of organizations fighting against us is growing and the numbers of each organization is growing rapidly also.  What we need now is people who will stand up and speak out against these radicals.

It is difficult for many of us to accept that such a movement could exist in this country.  Especially when we have traveled so far and improved so much.  Now when we should be enjoying the fruits of our efforts and labor, we face an ugly future with very few people fighting to rescue our country.  Sad, indeed.


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