America's Cancer

I’ve been watching this country seemingly ‘go to hell in a hand-basket’ over the last several decades.  All of America’s great figureheads (e.g., Father Knows Best) have been replaced by millionaire football and basketball jocks or movie stars with little or no moral/ethical structure in their lives.  We have gone from a country accepting of others, loving of neighbors, to only coming together in strength when disaster strikes — not during social conflict such as what we’re experiencing now.

Like cancer, our social eroding situation exists on a similar plane.  Cancer’s progress is rated in stages – I, II, III, and IV.  The larger the number, the greater the progression.  Stage four is viewed as the point where patients are often not likely to recover, at least fully.  People get to this late stage for a few reasons.  1)  No symptoms are recognized;  2)  Symptoms are recognized, but not acknowledged;  3)  Symptoms are acknowledged, but the patient believes they will go away by themselves;  4)  They really don’t believe they are in danger.

All of these views are self destructive — it is merely to what degree of ignorance or arrogance we wish to live, to destroy ourselves — knowingly or not.

Our situation today in America (and much like other countries) is analogous to the cancer stages mentioned above.  Today a great number of people in America are unaware that we are even experiencing a problem.  If they do accept that we have a problem, they view it as ‘more of the same’ in our history — there’s nothing significantly unique about our present situation.

Some people see some of the problem, but not all, and thus do not perceive any serious future change in their life.  A small percentage of people see what is happening, understand it, and accept it as their reality.  This latter group, I would estimate is 1-5% of this country.

A number of people today do not even spend minutes per week trying to understand the ‘why‘ of what’s happening.  Often this is because people are caught up in their busy live’s with their ‘issues‘.  Because of our seemingly lightning fast paced world, people cannot focus on what’s outside of ‘their world’.  They are busy with work, paying bills, eking out some enjoyment where possible, and spending time with friends and family.  This leaves them little or no time to understand what’s happening in our country and why.

When we do look around to see things happening today, we either don’t believe what we see, think of them with no relevance to our lives, or refuse to believe the source of the knowledge (articles, newscasts, etc.).  Soviet style propaganda has become a daily staple in the news. e.g., CNN, MSNBC, etc.  We are being lied to daily and many of us don’t even recognize it, much less get upset.  We’re getting accustomed to it.  Lying — political correctness — is now part of our society.  We now accept the lie of ‘being polite’..?  A scary thought indeed.

Watch the following brief video from YouTube originally recorded on CSPAN.  Here you have concrete proof of a blatant act of lyingthat should take your breath away.

Pelosi explaining Smear Tactics

The Left in this country, aka the Progressives, socialists, Marxists, communists, have been using tactics that we expect from the likes of Hitler, Stalin, Lennin, and Mao.  Yet, these are the names the Left invokes when referring to the Right.  It’s the tactic of projection.

Words matter and we need to get them right, but actions speak louder than words.  We must know our enemy.  I am referring to those who have infiltrated the democratic party — the Marxist socialists.  Not one or two, but many people within our government.  Over a dozen socialists were voted on in November alone.  (e.g., Beto O’Rourke, Ocasio Cortez, and numerous others).

When we see and hear a person in congress saying what we want to hear, we must watch the actions that follow that rhetoric — for example, Chuck Schumer speaking on the House floor regarding immigration.

Alarms should be going off in your head when you hear rhetoric that does not match actions.  We all should be able explain the motivations behind these actions based on the actions themselves without the ‘BS’ rhetoric.  For example, if the Left does not want a ‘wall’ built today, but did yesterday, you should ask what motivates their actionstoday and ignore their rhetoric — that rhetoric is typically just another lie.

Logic, reason and objective thinking should be our process to determine truth.  Unfortunately a large percentage of millennials no longer believe there is any real truth in this world today.   (The process that has destroyed a great deal of truth today is referred to as ‘post modernism‘*.)  How do we deal with this situation?  How do we fix a generation of people after the fact?

Better yet, how do we stop the ‘education’ of our very young children currently being indoctrinated in our public (government) schools?  Five year olds are being taught ‘sex education’ in kindergarten learning about transvestites without our consent and where we cannot easily withdraw them from such teaching.  They’re being told that there can be many different sexes and that they are all fluid, from one moment to the next.  The young children in our country should be learning about Mother Goose, Jack in the bean stalk, etc., not the darkness of our current world.  It’s no wonder kids are developing a dark view of life causing the young to consider suicide more now than any time in our history.

We are in at least stage III or IV of this cancer which has been in America for decades.  In the later stages of cancer, more radical procedures are needed to help a patient survive — and may actually kill them due to their weakened state.  We are getting to that point in our society.  From here on we should not be looking for quick fixes.

Some would say that this is a dim, pessimistic view of our world — totally ignorant of facts and reality.  However that is exactly the thinking of those who wish to hide from reality.

Now is the time to prepare for what is coming, because at this point the ‘snowball’ is way too far down the hill to stop it in any short amount of time.  Get out of debt.  Consider where your existing money and investments are located.  Look for places of safety and stability.  Prepare your home.  Stock up on supplies.  Be ready.  Look for those who you can trust to support you in times of distress.  Be prepared to turn away those who may be your enemy that would like to take what is yours.  Be self-reliant, but believe in something greater than yourself.  Consider turning to God now before you find yourself on the ‘battlefield’ of our future — unarmed.

Let your actions speak louder than your words…

*post modernism — For a more complete explanation of this term, please view this very enlightening video.

Please excuse the length of this article.  Because our situation is becoming so complex, it is difficult to inform the reader without tangible evidence and a more in depth explanation.


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