AMICUS LETTER: Brady Warns of Texas Central Railroad's Lack of Progress and Funding for High-Speed Rail Project

Jake Ellzey (TX-06), Michael McCaul (TX-10), and I sent an amicus letter to the Supreme Court of Texas warning of Texas Central Railroad's lack of progress and funding at the federal level for their proposed Dallas to Houston high-speed rail project.

As the Supreme Court of Texas could determine the outcome of an eminent domain case that would severely diminish Texans' property rights, it is critical to warn of Texas Central Railroad’s lack of progress at the federal level. The truth is, Texas Central is lightyears away from obtaining essential permits from the federal government and has not proved they can pay for this boondoggle of a project.

In the letter we wrote:

“At the federal level alone, TCR does not qualify for loans that they proclaim is essential, has not even applied for the necessary permits from the Surface Transportation Board, nor has authority from the Federal Railroad Authority to begin construction – making this project woefully unprepared to build a high-speed rail line. Granting TCR the extraordinary power to seize 240 miles of private property will serve only to devastate thousands of landowners and the communities in which they live and rob the American taxpayer. As it stands, TCR is merely a grossly underfunded promoter of a project that has one foot in the grave. We respectfully request that the Court consider these important facts and rule in favor of Mr. Miles and against TCR.”

“In short, TCR has not received any of the permits needed to begin construction or operation of the project, nor has it initiated any of the lengthy, costly processes required to obtain these permits. For these reasons, we strongly support the trial court’s judgment in favor of Mr. Miles and against TCR. If the Court allows TCR to seize private property for a project that is destined for certain failure, miles and miles of rural Texas will be permanently scarred with taxpayers left to foot the bill.”

Read the full letter here.


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