Anarchists’ Attacks on Federal Personnel and Property in Portland

For over 60 nights, violent anarchists have attacked federally-owned buildings and federal law enforcement officers in Portland, Oregon.  These are not peaceful protesters.  These are violent anarchists who have attacked local and federal officers with sledgehammers, pipe bombs, commercial-grade fireworks, and Molotov cocktails, creating a dangerous environment for law enforcement.  Since July 4th, these anarchists have injured 245 federal law enforcement officials and dozens of local police officers.

State and local officials have completely abdicated their responsibility and refused to provide assistance until this week.  The Governor of Oregon and the Mayor of Portland have instead sided with the anarchists, demanding that federal law enforcement abandon their statutory responsibility to protect federal property and surrender to mob rule.

Many Democrats and their liberal media allies have been complicit in these attacks by consistently misleading the public about the actions of law enforcement.  Despite their misinformation, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is legally required to protect federal property.  DHS also has the authority to conduct offsite investigations and offsite arrests of persons who have damaged federal property and assaulted federal officers.

State and local leaders have the resources and authority to work with federal officers to end these violent attacks; but, until this week, they abdicated those responsibilities.  After receiving increased pressure from Oregon families and businesses, on Wednesday the Governor of Oregon finally ordered the State Police to work with federal agencies to protect federal personnel and property.  This coordination will allow federal law enforcement personnel to reduce their footprint and to recover from the injuries and damage inflicted by the anarchists.  It is my hope that the Governor of Oregon and the Mayor of Portland will continue to act responsibly to end the damage and destruction of their communities rather than continue to ignore and/or enable it.


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