Another Anti-Gun Push to Ban Concealed Carry on College Campuses

Question: Is there anyone out there who truly believes a gun ban on college campuses in this nation would stop a mentally unstable student who wants to kill people from walking on to the campus with a gun and carrying out his mission?

Why is it so difficult for gun control advocates to understand that criminals and crazies DO NO ABIDE BY THE RULES?

Weapons bans ONLY affect law abiding people and leave them defenseless.

Studies have shown that the presence of concealed weapons lowers the risk of violent crime.

Statistically, a rape occurs every 21 hours on college campuses throughout the United States.

Students can carry at the University of Utah where reported sexual assault is 58 percent less than the national average.

According to research, out of 4,000-plus colleges and universities in America, only 25 allow concealed handguns on campus.

Only six states allow licensed students to carry concealed while on school grounds.

The latest ill conceived anti gun effort in Colorado is being promoted by a group called Safe Campus Colorado. The group says it is seeking to put an initiative on the November 2014 ballot banning concealed carry on-campus much like a law that already restricts concealed carry at K-12 schools in the state.

Safe Campus Colorado apparently prefers students to be defenseless targets for robbers and rapists.

This push is being met head on by pro gun students who do not want to be stripped of their rights to defend their lives with a firearm. “I want the opportunity to fight back,” said Katherine Whitney, a third year law student at CU Boulder who carries a concealed handgun and opposes the proposed ballot initiative. “We don’t carry because we expect anything to happen. It’s just that, if something does happen, we want to be prepared.”

Whitney has never been a victim of violence, but she has a close friend who was raped on a college campus in Nevada where concealed weapons are banned.

“Amanda was raped at gunpoint by someone who illegally possessed a firearm on a college campus,” she said. “The gun ban did not keep him away. The man came up, pressed a pistol to her head and proceeded to brutally rape her. (He) didn’t care about the campus gun ban.”

A bit of history on the Colorado Guns on Campus debate: Since 2003, Colorado was one of the states that allowed students with permits to conceal carry on campus.

In March 2012, the Colorado Supreme Court found the University of Colorado had been in violation of the state’s 2003 Concealed Carry Act.

Students at the University of Colorado did not even get to enjoy their freedom for an entire year.

The Colorado House then passed a bill that would ban weapons from state college campuses. In defense of the bill, Representative Joe Salizar said, “It’s why we have call boxes, it’s why we have safe zones, it’s why we have the whistles.”

Of course,…. we know how effective those call for help boxes are on college campuses. A female being attacked is expected to be able to reach one of these phones and call for help when someone twice her size is on her with a knife?

What is one to do when these call boxes are out of order…??

Safe zones didn’t help Amanda Collins. Amanda was a student at the University of Nevada in Reno in 2007 when she was raped. A concealed carry permit holder, Amanda wasn’t carrying that night. The University of Nevada at Reno is a safe zone. Guns aren’t allowed on campus. Knowing that she could lose her permit, get expelled from school and even face jail time, Amanda followed her school rules and left her gun at home. In an interview with the NRA’s Cam Edwards, Amanda said that safe zones “ensure the perpetrator that they’re going to be unmatched when they pick a victim.”

A gun that night would have saved Amanda from being the victim of a brutal attack. The National Crime Survey—from 1979 to 1985—found victims that physically resisted an attempted rape with a weapon were far less likely to be raped. In fact, when women resisted an attempted rape with a gun, only 0.1 percent of victims report the rape being completed. The 2000 Journal of Criminal Justice report found women were four times more likely to escape an attempted rape uninjured when they used a gun in self-defense.

As for the case for guns on campus, the Students for Concealed Carry found that since Colorado Springs University allowed students to conceal carry there was a 90 percent drop in sexual assaults on campus. There are over 207,000 sexual assault victims each year and 1 in 5 women attending college will be raped while in school. Colleges attempt to keep their students safe by suggesting ways to prevent rape. But, the steps you often read essentially tell young women they have no choice, penalize them for being independent, and make them believe they are at fault.

Safe Campus Colorado is helmed by an anti-liberty Democrat named Ken Toltz

Toltz has two college-age daughters.

Apparently he prefers them to use the options of peeing or vomiting on attackers rather than carrying a gun.

I would be willing to bet that if either of his girls was a victim of violent crime, he would probably change his position..

Why is it some people can’t see the forest for the trees?

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